Camomille + CBD : un combo unique

Chamomile + CBD: a unique combo

Arthur Leclerc

You might be wondering what chamomile is doing in this blog (!)

By reading this article you will understand the benefits of these two plants that nature has given us.

You already know the benefits of CBD, but what about theChamomile?

Used for centuries to treat various ailments such as hay fever, menstrual pain in women, insomnia, atlower blood sugar< /a>, at prevent osteoporosis…and a number of other diseases, chamomile is also an active ingredient many aromatherapies and cosmetic and beauty products due to its beneficial properties.

Boosted benefits

You will have understood that CBD and chamomile share common properties, which, consumed together, will boost the benefits of these two plants on your body.

The effects of both plants can indeed be doubly beneficial in fighting inflammation.

They also reduce pain, especially for women who suffer during their menstrual cycle.

CBD and chamomile are also recommended as ingredients in cosmetics and beauty products due to their healing properties. Regular intake of CBD and chamomile tea can have proven effects on your health and skin.

Des anticancer properties have also been identified in these two plants, with results in the reduction of nausea induced by chemotherapy and in the fight against the development of cancerous cells.

So without further ado, here's how to prepare your magic potion!

Our preparation tips

What you'll need for your CBD chamomile tea

Almond Milk (500ml)

Chamomile tea bags or 2 tbsp loose leaf

25ml maple syrup

CBD Oil 30mg / CBD Isolate or any other CBD concentrate

Ginger (to taste)

Ground Nutmeg (to taste)

Heat the almond milk without boiling it then add the chamomile.

At the same time, mix the maple syrup, ginger and nutmeg with the CBD concentrate. Slowly add everything to the almond milk and enjoy.

You can't go wrong mixing these ingredients. By combining them, you will benefit from the advantages of two plants that have always been known for their benefits.

And with a bonus, a taste pleasure, easy to consume on a daily basis.

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