Comment consommer du CBD ?

How to consume CBD?

Romain Lyomat

The right ways to consume CBD

Depending on whether you are taking CBD to combat pain, stress or anxiety, whether you are looking for an immediate or long-lasting effect, the method of administration of CBD matters.

Here are the main consumption modes to help you choose the most suitable for your needs.

  1. Inhalation

This delivery method is the fastest-acting, as CBD makes its way into your bloodstream within seconds through thousands of lung capillaries.

Benefits of inhaling:
- Fast onset< br>- Pleasant experience
- Visible quality

- Not suitable for non-smoking
- Requires equipment (papers or cartridges and battery)

  1. Sublingually (under the tongue)

Another method is to take a few drops of CBD oil under the tongue, letting them sit for 90-120 seconds.

Capillaries absorb compounds and transfer them to your bloodstream in about 20-40 minutes.

Benefits of sublingual CBD:
- Effective route
- Relatively discreet
- Easy dosing
- Longer lasting effects

- Can taste bitter
- Limited drinking pleasure

  1. Oral (capsules, drinks, gummies…)

When you take your CBD orally, it must first pass through your digestive system before finding its way into your bloodstream, which slows its effect ; count one to three hours depending on the metabolism.

Benefits of CBD edibles:
- Long-lasting effects
- Easy to consume
- Discreet
- May taste good

- Effects come on more slowly
- Usually contains additives like sugar and colorings

  1. Topically (CBD creams and lotions)

Applying CBD directly to your skin using a cream or lotion allows you to direct the CBD exactly where you want to feel the results .

Benefits of topical CBD products:
- Can be applied exactly where you need it
- Very easy to use
- Effective on skin and muscle problems

Cons of topical CBD products:
- Only acts locally

  1. Transdermally (Patches)

A transdermal patch will facilitate a slow, steady release of CBD into your system over a period of over eight hours.

Benefits of Transdermal CBD:
- Discreet
- Very easy to use
- Slow release
- Less "refills" needed

Cons of Transdermal CBD:
- May irritate some people with sensitive skin
- Can be quite expensive

You will have understood that the method of taking CBD must be adapted to your needs and your lifestyle.

The possibility of combining the different modes is also an interesting option.

Everyone is different, so listen to your body and find a consumption that suits you.

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