Les Packs

We have designed these packs to offer you the opportunity to taste a selection of our CBD flowers and resins at the best price. In the 5 Flowers pack you will find a selection of five flowers, some with soothing relaxation properties while others will boost your creative energy and inspire you. You will find flowers that grow indoors and in GreenHouse in this pack.

In the Mix pack, we offer a selection of three CBD Indoor and GreenHouse flowers as well as two varieties of resins with CBD levels around 25% to relax you deeply.

We offer these packs in "Discovery" size containing 2g of each product, i.e. 10g in total and in "King Size" size with 5g of each product, i.e. 25g in total.

These packs are perfect for those who want to take advantage of a cheap price to discover several varieties of CBD flowers and resins. You can take the opportunity to organize a tasting evening with your friends!