Where can I find the best CBD shop in Stuttgart?

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The city

Stuttgart is a German city in the southwest of the country, in the Baden-Württemberg region. The city is considered the birthplace of the automotive industry and is home to the headquarters of famous brands such as Mercedes-Benz and Porsche. In addition to its industrial importance, Stuttgart offers a mix of culture and modernity with renowned museums such as the Museum of Contemporary Art and the State Gallery. The location in the heart of the Black Forest and vineyards also offers opportunities for outdoor recreation, while the bustling city center reflects a diverse arts and food scene.

Where can you visit in Stuttgart?

      • Castle Square
      • Baden-Württemberg State Museum
      • Wilhelma Zoo and Garden
      • Mercedes-Benz Museum
      • La market hall
      • National Theater Stuttgart

What events are there in Stuttgart?

      • Stuttgart wine village (August-September)
      • The Cannstatter Volksfest (September-October)

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What is CBD?

Cannabidiol, or more commonly known as CBD, is an active molecule that occurs naturally in the hemp plant. This itself contains more than 60 different cannabinoids, the best known of which is THC. The THC molecule is illegal because it affects the nervous system and causes a state of euphoria in the user.

Unlike THC, CBD regulates and calms the nervous system without having a psychoactive effect on the body. It is therefore legal and is also used in the medical field to relieve certain pathologies and ailments.

Several scientific studies have highlighted the many beneficial properties of CBD for our bodies. CBD was legalized by the European Commission in 2020, creating a market that continues to grow.

Where can I find the best CBD shop in Stuttgart?

With the legalization of CBD and the development of its market thanks to numerous products, thousands of CBD shops have been created throughout the European Union. The city of Stuttgart has seen several thriving CBD shops on its streets. The city's consumer favorite is the CBD shop Hanf im Glück on Esslinger Straße. 8, just a few steps from the Charlottenplatz subway station. This store specializes in CBD-based health and beauty products. You can also find flowers, confectionery and CBD smoking products.

The Herbal.Health CDB concept store with its health and beauty ranges has also proven itself in second place. With the possibility of purchasing in store but also delivery, customers of this shop are delighted with the products on offer.

There are of course other CBD shops in Stuttgart that are worth visiting. Find Leonhardspl. 17, Haußmannstraße, Lange Str. 18 near the Renitenztheater as well as in other streets in the city.

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Fast delivery of CBD in Stuttgart

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Which are the best wellness centers in Stuttgart?

The healthcare market has grown significantly in recent years and is experiencing significant growth worldwide. People crave happiness and look for different solutions to feel peace and calm in their daily lives. This market expansion has led to the emergence of thousands of medical facilities around the world, offering a wide range of services to meet the needs of their customers.

Here is a small list of the best wellness centers in Stuttgart:

What are the best yoga classes in Stuttgart?

Yoga is a physical activity that benefits both the body and mind. It is a powerful ally against daily stress and anxiety. This helps relax and strengthen the body at the same time.

Here is a small list of the best yoga courses in Stuttgart for relaxation: