1990 2190


These CBD Gummies "Balance" made in France come from a mixture of CBD and Ginseng with a peach-apricot flavor.
Ginseng root has exceptional effects on cognitive abilities by improving memory and ability to concentrate. Your mind is supported, even solidified by the joint actions of CBD and ginseng. These gummies would help fight against oxidative stress by optimizing cognitive abilities.

They offer the opportunity to take a value-added break during revisions or periods of intellectual overwork.
Product information:
- Capacity: 15 Gummies per box / 40mg per gummy.
- CBD Isolat / THC 0%.
- Enriched with Ginseng.
- Peach-Apricot taste.
- Designed for its aphrodisiac properties.
- Made in France.
Usage tips :
- Take a gummy to prepare for an intellectual task or to take a cognitive break.
Promotion: Take advantage of the set of two boxes to save money.


- Sugar, glucose, water, pectin, citric acid, CBD isolate, tapioca starch, ginseng, food flavorings.


Product made in France in an approved laboratory.
15 CBD Gummies for Concentration, Balance, 600mg (THC Free) Vegan
1990 2190