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These "EVERY DAY" CBD capsules made in France come from a subtle blend of Vitamin C and Broad Spectrum CBD extracted from selected hemp plants then delicately diluted in an MCT Oil intended for food use.

CBD has a remarkable "adhesion" with vitamin C. The combination of the two molecules will give you a real boost and allow you to stay fit and relaxed throughout the day.

Product information:
- Capacity: 40 capsules per box / 50mg per capsule.
- CBD Broad Spectrum / THC 0%.
- Enriched with Vitamin C.
- Orange taste.
- MCT carrier oil.
- Alleviates stress and anxiety while bringing vitality.
- Made in France.
Usage tips :
- Take one capsule in the morning and another after lunch. You can either swallow them with a glass of water or (for a quicker effect) chew them to enjoy the taste and keep the oil under your tongue for a minute before swallowing. 
Take advantage of the set of two boxes to save money.


- MCT oil
- CBD Broad Spectrum (spectre large)
- Vitamin C
- Food Flavors

Product made in France in the laboratory. The certificate of analysis of this product carried out by a certified and independent European laboratory is available among the photos displayed on this page.
40 Capsules CBD Vitality "EVERY DAY" Broad Spectrum 2000mg (THC Free)
4790 4990