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Our Caramello HHC resin comes from the best varieties of CBD. The pollens are extracted using the supercritical Co2 technique before being hot pressed. The HHC resin is then obtained by mixing the resin with the HHC distillate contained in the hemp plant. It has a soft and chewy texture, which makes it easy to handle and crumble.
This resin is aimed at an informed public because the HHC causes a strong euphoric effect and its rate of 31% makes it a real elevator to relaxation (even a few giggles)! We recommend that you use this product with caution and do not consume it in high doses.
Manufacturing method
Cultivation carried out in Switzerland indoors. The pollens are extracted using the supercritical Co2 technique, then mixed with HHC distillate before being pressed.
HHC : 31,4%
CBD : 24,6%
CBG : 19,1%
THC : 0,20%
Product grown in Switzerland and certified in a GMP approved laboratory. The certificate of analysis of this product carried out by a certified and independent European laboratory is available among the photos displayed on this page.

100% legal product in the European Union. This resin comes from varieties authorized in the European catalogue.

*Non-contractual photos, taken by us and from harvests currently on sale*


- Caramel
- Chocolate
- Spices


- Euphoriant
- Relaxation
- Chill
Caramel - HHC 31% - CBD 25% - CBG 19%
1590 1800