TEMPO cartridges contain an e-liquid formulation that combines propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, terpenes and CBD. Powered by a sleek, ultra-compact device, the Harmony TEMPO offers the ultimate CBD vaping experience.
The TEMPO is perfect for beginners who want to start vaping and experienced vapers looking for a discreet and practical device. The TEMPO vaporizer with its dark and elegant design fits easily in the pocket thanks to its flat and sleek shape.
Each cartridge contains 106mg of CBD and has a capacity of approximately 200 puffs of CBD. The cartridges can be refilled with e-liquids up to 4 times.
Product information
- CBD per cartridge: 106mg. 0% THC.
- Puffs per cartridge: Approximately 200
-Arômes disponibles:Moroccan Mint /Mango Kush / AND Kush / Pineapple Express / Super Lemon Haze / Pink Lemonade / Wild Strawberry
- Tempo rechargeable par mini-USB
Vegetal Mono Propylene Glycol, Vegetal Glycerine, Terpenes, CBD Extraction. Without nicotine. Alcohol-free. Without animal products.
Product manufactured in the EU and certified in a GMP approved laboratory. The certificate of analysis of this product carried out by a certified and independent European laboratory is available among the photos displayed on this page.
Do not refrigerate. Store away from heat, humidity and light. Keep out of reach of children and pets.


- The product should not be used by non-smokers, non-vapers or minors.
- Do not vape if the cartridge is empty. If you have a burnt taste, change the pod. Do not fill the pod more than 4 times.
- When refilling the pod, it is not recommended to change flavors unless you are switching from a similar flavor to another.
- Replace the pod when there is a reduction in flavor or vapor.
For recharge your cartridge
- Carefully remove the battery pod and open the silicone door at the bottom. Do not pull and detach the silicone stopper. (see image on this sheet)
- Take your favorite Harmony CBD e-liquid and insert it into the fill port. (see image on this sheet)
- Fill the cartridge without overflowing.
- Wait 5 minutes after filling the pod before starting to vape.

The Aromas

Moroccan Mint
A subtle and natural mint flavor for a refreshing experience.
Mango Kush
Notes of musk and fruit thanks to the presence of the terpene myrcene which evokes the famous variety of cannabis.
AND Kush
A blend of terpenes from the Lemon Thai and Pakistani Kush varieties to give this unique flavor.
Pineapple Express
This tropical fragrance combines notes of mango and pineapple associated with cedar wood.
Pink Lemonade
Like a good lemonade, a tangy and refreshing scent reminiscent of summer.
Super Lemon Haze
The presence of the terpene limonene gives us intense lemon notes and reminds us of the aromatic profile of the legendary strain.
Wild Strawberry
Soft and sweet notes with a nose of wild strawberries.
3 Pods x 106mg CBD for Tempo (7 flavors to choose from)