1490 1580


This Sweet Mint organic infusion contains more than 70% CBD hemp, the highest CBD concentration we offer in infusion. It is ideal for a moment of relaxation and refreshment.
As few ingredients as possible have been added to this infusion in order to offer more CBD while maintaining the organoleptic qualities. It offers you maximum benefits thanks to the very high level of CBD and CBG without sacrificing taste.
25g per packet - approximately 14 infusions per packet.


Hemp CBD (70%), Nanah Mint, Peppermint 
All these ingredients come from organic farming.


Preparation advice
Let infuse 1 to 2 teaspoons per 25cl cup, 9 minutes in simmering water. To take full advantage of the benefits of this infusion, we advise you to add a fatty substance such as coconut oil or a cloud of whole milk.

Organic CBD Hemp Infusion Sweet Mint (Hemp 70%)
1490 1580