1290 2000


Top quality THC-P flower Mango Kush 5% + CBD 15%

  • Grown in a greenhouse (Greenhouse) in Switzerland
  • Flavor Fruity, spicy, minty
  • THC-P 5% / CBD 15%
  • Sativa-dominant hybrid
  • Harvested by hand


THC-P Mango Kush flower, top quality

THC-P Mango Kush flower, with a super pronounced fruity taste. Flower grown in Switzerland by a team of passionate and very experienced producers. This variety contains a new THC-P molecule with very relaxing, even recreational, effects. Gorgeous dense, well-manicured green buds.

Cultivation method
Cultivated in a greenhouse in Switzerland in Valois, then harvested by hand.

Sativa-dominant hybrid.


  • THC-P: 5%
  • CBD: 15.5%
  • THC: 0.20%


THC-P flower grown outdoors in Switzerland in Valois, then certified in an independent and GMP approved laboratory. Finally, find the certificate of analysis for this product among the photos on this page.

This authorized variety and thus registered in the European catalog, is 100% legal throughout the EU.

*Non-contractual photos, taken by us and from the harvests currently on sale*


THCP Mango Kush flower, top quality

  • Spicy
  • Fruity
  • Minty


THCP Mango Kush flower, top quality

  • Relaxation
  • Euphoria
  • Creativity


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Mango Kush (Greenhouse) - THCP 5%
1290 2000