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100% natural CBD Bubble Gum flower with a very nice light green color. She is sweet and fruity, for the pleasure of the greatest number. Swiss origin.
Bubble Gum is a cannabis strain renowned for the energy it provides. It's about a hybrid variety, although the balance leans quite clearly on the side of the Sativa. To better understand its origins, we must go to the American Midwest, Bubble Gum experienced its first hours of glory in Indiana in the 90s.

Very nice smell, firm and compact buds, well cared for manicure.
Cultivation method
Organic Indoor Culture in Switzerland.
Sativa-dominant hybrid. 
CBD : 17,72%
THC : 0,19%
Product grown in Switzerland and certified in a GMP approved laboratory. 
100% legal product in the European Union. This variety is a hybrid resulting from varieties authorized in the European catalog.
*Non-contractual photos, taken by us and from the lot currently on sale* 


- Woody
- Sugar
- Hazelnut


- Energizing
- Concentration
- Creativity
Bubble Gum (Indoor) - CBD 17.7%
1390 2300