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Written by: Arthur Leclerc


Buy CBD Online

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Here are some good tips to help you effectively navigate the market and buy quality CBD Online. 

Buy CBD Online: Check its origin

It is important to know where your products come from, as there is an abundance of CBD, especially outside the EU, coming from low quality hemp, with risks of inconsistency between THC and CBD levels. Also favor companies that use sustainably grown hemp. These farming practices ensure that the plants do not contain heavy metals, chemicals and pesticides.

Avoid hemp seed oil and “CBD products” that they suggest you buy online

There are brands that advertise CBD hemp seed oil . Often these products are available at very low prices or on Amazon. But beware! Seed oils made from hemp are products that do not contain CBD. Pure CBD comes from the leaves, stems and peduncles of the hemp plant. Although hemp oil is rich in omega fatty acids and can benefit the skin, note that there is no CBD in the seeds. And if you see CBD oil being sold on Amazon, again, be wary. Amazon does not allow CBD or hemp products to be sold on its site. What you are being told is probably seed oil, disguised to look like CBD food supplements.

Acheter du CBD en Ligne

Buy CBD Online: Check that there is real customer service

Make sure that the site where you are going to buy your CBD online has a way to get in touch with them, at least by email. Customer service accessible by phone is even better. It is a guarantee of seriousness and a source of information on the products offered.

Are CBD product reviews available?

Online sales sites must systematically make certificates of analysis for their products available. If you can't easily find this information, move on.

Avoid CBD brands that claim to cure you

The CBD molecule has been the subject of numerous research studies whose results are promising, in particular for improving sleep, alleviating pain, combating anxiety and even epilepsy . However, under no circumstances can CBD be considered to cure you of any illness and you should seek advice from your doctor if you are undergoing medical treatment.

Buy CBD Online: Check online reviews

Check the reviews , this can save you some disappointments. But also keep in mind that some customers may leave a bad review because their expectations of the CBD product are not reasonable. By following these tips, you will limit your risks and have a better chance of enjoying the experience of buying CBD online. 

And if you are looking for good, 100% natural products and a quality customer experience, you are in the right place! 🙂

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