The products in our Roll-On range combine CBD with essential oils and are Cosmébio certified. These Roll Ons allow you to benefit from the marriage the benefits of cannabidiol with natural compounds without having to ingest the products. The active ingredients are effectively applied directly to the targeted areas using the applicator ball. We have developed an oily formula for our Roll Ons specifically for this format.

We first offer you a Roll On Hexaflex, a new way to regain fluidity in your movements thanks to CBD. This very healthy composition combines CBD with beeswax and organic Coconut oil. Natural essential oils such as Wintergreen, Peppermint and Juniper complete the formula. You can use this product for everyday pain and inflammation.

Then you will find the Roll On Hexasom to promote sleep. This high-quality complex combines essential oils of bitter orange, oregano, lavender and lemongrass with CBD. To find sleep more easily you can roll the ball 3 to 4 times on your handles, solar plexus. You can also apply the ball to your times.

These Roll On CBD are in a small bottle format which allows you to take them everywhere and use them as soon as the need arises.