Join our Affiliate Program!

Receive up to 20% net on sales generated!

We offer you one of the most attractive affiliate programs on the CBD market with a net commission varying from 10 to 20% (depending on the theme and audience of your site) on each sale you generate, from your first sale .

High conversion and loyalty rate

Our simple and clear site is based on the best available technologies and also benefits from a high conversion rate and a repeat order rate from an existing customer of close to 50%.

Dedicated discount code, Cookie 30d

We also offer you a unique and dedicated discount code that allows you to offer real added value to your audience and easily track sales generated via affiliation. Sales made in the last 30 days following their last visit are attributed to you.

Affiliation CBD Partner Program

Who is affected by our affiliate program?

Our affiliate program is aimed at:
  • Website editors.
  • Health/wellness/CBD bloggers.
  • Yoga/fitness/well-being coaches.
  • Naturopaths and other alternative medicine professionals.
  • Influencers on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and Tiktok.
We invite you to talk about our quality CBD products and compensate you on the sales you bring to us.

How does affiliation work?

1.   Sign up for our Affiliate Program first.
2.   Once approved by our team, we then provide you with tracked links, graphic creations and a dedicated discount code. Then, it's up to you, you highlight us on your site, blog, YouTube channel and/or your social networks.
3.   Your audience orders on our site via your link and/or reduction code. We will inform you by email. Your account is credited, you can trigger a payment of your commissions, as soon as you have reached €25 in cumulative commissions.


Affiliate Partner Program Hand

What is affiliation?

Affiliation refers to one of the oldest professions in the world, the intermediary also called business provider. To put it simply, you bring us customers and we therefore pay you a commission for the sales generated.

For any questions regarding our Partner program, we are available at We will respond to you quickly.
See you soon !
The team

For any questions regarding our Partner Program, we are available at We will respond to you quickly.
See you soon !
The team