Our selection of CBD Cosmetics

The numerous properties of CBD (anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, soothing, invigorating, regenerative) have conquered the world of Cosmetics across Europe and the world for years. CBD cosmetics are applied directly to the desired areas. Discover our selection of hand-picked natural products for all your needs.

A partir de 1790

CBD cosmetics for the skin

In our selection you will find CBD cosmetics to take care of your skin. First there are creams and oils for the complexion and care of your face. We also offer a regenerating cream to moisturize dry hands. There is also an ultra-nourishing intensive balm for dry areas of your body. It hydrates, protects and promotes tissue restructuring.

CBD cosmetics for athletes

For athletes we have many products to use before and after training sessions. Among these products we offer a relaxing warming cream as well as a refreshing topical gel. These hot and cold treatments are excellent for relieving sore muscles. You will also find a muscle balm labeled “Cosmébio” with essential oils of peppermint and marjoram. This balm also helps prevent joint pain and relieve inflammation. All our products for athletes obviously do not contain traces of THC. So you can use them in competition.

CBD “Roll Ons”

“Roll On” CBD cosmetics from the Hexaflex brand, also labeled “Cosmébio”, allow precise application of CBD thanks to their ball system. You can target sore areas for the Roll On Hexaflex. For the Roll On Hexasom you can put it on the handles and/or solar plexus to help you fall asleep without side effects.

CBD Patches

Finally, we offer CBD patches which allow you to diffuse CBD on a targeted area for 24 hours to provide you with lasting relief.

Our CBD cosmetics are made from natural ingredients and do not contain THC. The molecules used for CBD cosmetics come from European hemp plants and are analyzed and certified in approved laboratories.