Le CBD peut-il me rendre positif à un test de dépistage ?

Can CBD make me test positive?

Arthur Leclerc

Can you test positive for CBD?

It may be a of the most common questions among consumers: Can CBD trigger a positive drug test?
The simple answer to this question is yes, the risk exists.

A sedentary lifestyle may affect test results

When you pass a cannabis screening test, the compound sought is THC, the molecule responsible for the psychotropic effects.
So even if CBD contains 0.2% THC or less, the chances of it showing up on a drug screen exist , although they may vary from person to person.

If you consume products containing traces of THC often and especially in high doses , THC can build up in your body over time.
This means sedentary and overweight people are more likely to test positive for drugs, due to storage substance in body fat.
If you are healthy, low body fat, and exercise regularly, chances of testing positive are low .
The process of sweating helps to flush the substance out of your system continuously.

You can, however, test positive for THC regardless of your metabolism or activity level, especially if you regularly consume spectrum oil complete or “Full Spectrum”. We therefore advise athletes and other people not to consume products containing THC and to prefer broad-spectrum products , THC-free.

If you consume CBD while smoking or vaping, you may test positive for a road saliva test since this test only indicates the presence or absence of THC, not the quantity . If you test positive during a check-up after smoking CBD, you may require a second blood test which will prove that you only have a very low dose of THC in your body.

Broad Spectrum CBD Minimizes Risk

If you want to take CBD risk-free, we've got you covered. recommend Broad Spectrum or Broad Spectrum CBD products, which do not contain THC.

Make sure the ratios of analyzes provided with the product mention the good cannabinoid profiles of CBD and the absence of THC. Also check that the product does not contain any residual solvents or pesticides, and is ideally grown organically.

You will have understood that the subject deserves our attention. It must be said that the CBD industry is still in its infancy, with regulations that are gradually changing.
New standards will allow in the long term to better inform the consumer.
In the meantime, take the time to read the labels, it may be useful to you ;)

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