Les différentes manières de consommer la fleur de cbd

The different ways to consume cbd flower

Romain Lyomat

The popularity of CBD flower is on the rise and it's no surprise given the benefits and flexibility it offers.

Not only is the flower arguably the most enjoyable medium for consuming CBD, but it's also the best way to ensure the purity of the product, with the guarantee of consistently high quality.

Different ways to smoke your CBD

When you have premium smokable hemp, the best way for most of us to enjoy its aroma and taste is to smoke it in the form of joints.

You can also opt for a pipe or a bong, which eliminates the need to completely crumble the flower and saves you paper and time.< /span>

Pipes and bongs come in different sizes. Larger models can sometimes be harder on your throat due to the amount of smoke they are capable of building up.

Some more sophisticated bongs filter and cool the smoke through one or more chambers before it enters your lungs.

You can also opt for electronic vaporizers.

They contain a compartment in which you place the quantity of herb, which the device heats to a precise temperature allowing the CBD and other compounds to be transformed into vapor ready to be inhaled.

Make your own CBD oil

Make your own cbd oil CBD is easier than you think.

Simply heat the hemp flower to activate the CBD and reap all the therapeutic benefits.

Here are the steps:

Lightly grind your hemp flower and spread it evenly on a baking sheet. Bake it in the oven at 100° for 30 minutes to activate the cannabinoid compounds.

Combine about thirty grams of flower with two cups of your favorite oil (coconut or olive oil works well, avoid using the hemp seed oil as it does not tolerate heat very well) and heat over low heat for about six hours.

If using a saucepan, you may need to add up to two or three cups of water to prevent the oil from burning.

When time is up, allow to cool, strain the plant material from the oil and store in a glass bottle or jar away from light.

You can then use your oil for cooking or sublingual dosages.

Make your own edibles

You can also add your CBD flower to all your favorite recipes! Many people choose to brew fatty recipes, such as cakes and brownies, because the fat allows for optimal absorption into the body.

You can use your CBD oil extraction to replace any recipe that uses butter by replacing it with oil, up to ¾ the amount mentioned;

If you're making a slow-cooking recipe, you can also grind up your flower and add it directly to the dish. The long, slow simmer time will activate the cannabinoids in your food.

If the recipe you wish to enhance with CBD is not simmered, simply pop your flower in the oven, as described above, and add directly to the dish with the other herbs you are using.

Make your own lotions

You can also use the flowers to make your own homemade lotion, cream or ointment. It's easier than you think and effective against sore muscles and dry skin.

In a future article we will give you some recipes ;)

By buying your CBD in its natural and original form, you therefore have a wide choice to experience this aromatic and tasty plant.

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