Le CBD et l'alcool

CBD and alcohol

Written by: Reine Elie


CBD and alcohol

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If you regularly consume CBD oil , you've probably wondered if it's safe to take it with alcohol. As you probably know, alcohol consumption has significant consequences on the body, with deleterious repercussions widely documented.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the human body tolerates CBD oil well. The molecule acts in synergy with various natural ingredients and has no psychotropic effects. Additionally, cannabidiol oil, prepared according to proper standards, does not contain any unwanted chemicals or additives.

CBD and alcohol - Relaxation objective

Whether it's to take a break after a long day at work or to have fun with friends, an alcoholic drink is often a way to relax. However, consumers of CBD oil may legitimately wonder about the interaction between these two products and their consequences.

To better understand the combined effects of cannabidiol and alcohol, we must first analyze the two substances separately. Although made from a mixture of yeasts and sugars, alcohol can have a powerful sedative action. The substance interacts with the central nervous system, also influencing mood, motor coordination and language.

CBD, on the other hand, interacts with the body's endocannabinoid system (ECS) generating much milder effects. The ECS is a regulatory network that extends from head to toe. It is responsible for maintaining and balancing different biological functions. We could therefore think that by taking the two substances at the same time, cannabidiol would limit the effects generated by alcohol.

Le CBD et l

CBD and Alcohol: What effects does this combination produce?

The relationship between cannabidiol and alcohol has not yet been analyzed in depth.

However, some interesting preclinical investigations have been carried out. The Journal of Psychopharmacology found few differences between subjects who received a mixture of CBD oil and alcohol and volunteers who received only alcohol.

It seems that CBD is also able to influence alcohol levels. The National Institutes of Health (NIH) has studied the interaction between cannabidiol and alcohol. They found that the combination of cannabidiol and alcohol led to a significant drop in blood alcohol levels.

By taking CBD regularly , it appears that certain people could reduce the side effects associated with alcohol abuse over time.

For example, regular and excessive alcohol consumption causes damage to cells. Research on rats showed that CBD reduced brain cell damage from excessive alcohol consumption by 49%.

CBD consumption is known to encourage autophagy. This is the bodily process by which dead or dying cells are replaced with new, healthy cells.

Another study , also carried out on rodents, showed that taking CBD reduced the risk of steatosis, known as fatty liver disease, which is caused by overconsumption of alcohol. 

No incompatibility between CBD and Alcohol

From the data collected so far, it is difficult to establish the exact effects of the combined consumption of alcohol and CBD oil . But there does not appear to be any incompatibility between CBD and alcohol.

Based on the available information, the combined intake of both substances appears safe. However, as with all substances, it is essential to proceed in moderation.

If you must take CBD and alcohol together, we recommend starting with low doses. It is also recommended to try both alone to find out how you react to these products.

You can also indulge in the many beers and alcoholic beverages containing cannabidiol that have recently appeared on the market.

Bière au CBD

CBD-infused beers

CBD beers are considered a convenient and affordable way to take cannabidiol without changing your habits. Hops and the herbaceous taste of hemp combine wonderfully! The blending of the CBD world and the alcohol industry is still in its infancy, but highlights interest in thepotentialeffects of cannabidiol. The potential of the molecule remains to be confirmed, but its ability to attenuate the side effects of alcohol suggests the best for the future.

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