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Discover CBD Moon Rocks

Written by: Arthur Leclerc


Discover the Moon Rocks CBD

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You've probably heard of Moon Rocks CBD, cannabis flowers soaked in THC oil and sprinkled with kif. Cannabis enthusiasts are familiar with moon rocks because they significantly increase the potency of the flowers.

On the same principle, we have developed new concentrated hybrid flowers based on cannabidiol, Moon Rocks CBD. This article explains everything about their manufacture, their power and also where to buy them.

How to make CBD Moon Rocks?

Moon Rocks contain three elements:

At the end of the hemp harvest, we put the densest buds aside, cut them and then dry them. Once ready, we literally immerse these hemp flowers in CBD oil. Finally, immediately after diving, we roll the oil-rich flower in kif, itself rich in terpenes . This is how we produce these cannabidiol-rich Moon Rocks.

Moon Rocks CBD

How powerful are Moon Rocks CBD?

First, let's look at the potency of hemp flowers in general. Hemp flowers typically contain 14-22% CBD. The higher the concentration, the more pronounced the effects.

Then, CBD oil ranges from 35% to 99%. The CBD concentration depends on the type of method used during the extraction process. It is important to understand that the oil used in Moon Rocks is the same as that which can be used for dabbing (vaporization of cannabis concentrate). As you can imagine, soaking CBD-rich hemp flowers in CBD oil therefore offers a powerful boost.

Finally, kif, rich in terpenes, is composed of resin glands detached from the flower during a sieving process.

To obtain kif, the grower swirls the buds in a sieve which slowly eliminates the trichome heads, which are the growths in which the resin is concentrated. A micron sieve is used to separate the trichome glands from other plant matter.

The result is a pure kif rich in resin. It is in this resin that we roll the hemp flowers covered in oil. CBD kif not only delivers incredible flavors, but it also adds potency to the mix. Generally, Moon Rocks contain between 25 and 80% CBD.

Discover Moon Rocks CBD: How to consume them?

The beauty of CBD Moon Rocks lies in their simplicity. CBD Moon Rocks can be smoked or vaporized, just like regular hemp flowers. If you decide to smoke CBD Moon Rocks, simply place a small portion into your mix or sprinkle it into a joint.

If you prefer a dab pipe, place a small amount of Moon Rocks in the chamber. Low temperature will ensure full expression of terpenes and smooth inhalation.

What are the effects ?

CBD Moon Rocks do exactly what you expect: they provide hours of relaxation . As you know, CBD does not produce psychoactive effects . Instead, CBD Moon Rocks generate a deep sense of relaxation.

How do CBD Moon Rocks compare to THC Moon Rocks?

CBD Moon Rocks are rich in CBD while THC Moon Rocks contain an abundant level of THC.

It is important to understand that Moon Rocks will not put you in a daze. Unlike THC, CBD is a unique compound that reduces the effects of THC while simultaneously producing therapeutic effects.

Buying Tips

Although many retailers claim to have them, it is not always easy to find authentic Moon Rocks.

CBD Certified offers a wide variety of premium products. Depending on your needs, you can buy a few grams of Moon Rocks. When you open the package, you will be pleasantly surprised by the strong smell of flowers covered in kif. The blend of CBD and terpenes creates an unforgettable experience.

Of course, CBD Certified Moon Rocks comply with the 0.3% THC regulation. You can be sure that you will never feel out of phase by consuming Moon Rocks from a reliable brand.

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