Idées de desserts légers et savoureux

Ideas for light and tasty desserts

Written by: Reine Elie


Ideas for light and tasty desserts

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In this article we will explore the world of light and tasty desserts. First, we'll start by discussing the crucial choice of ingredients, before diving into the intriguing world of CBD fruits. Next, we will discover the subtleties of chocolate-based desserts. Then we will make a foray into ice cream and infused ice creams. We will also revisit traditional pastries. After that, we will conclude with some suggestions for sweet drinks suitable to complement your meal in a light way.

The choice of light and tasty dessert ingredients

The choice of ingredients is the key to creating light and delicious pastries. It is well known that fresh and natural products are the most beneficial for our health.  Indeed, they have a variety of flavors while having a low calorie intake.

First of all, give priority to fruits which are an essential source of vitamins and antioxidants. They give softness and freshness to your recipes without adding a lot of calories. Citrus fruits such as lemon, orange or grapefruit have an intense flavor that can tickle your taste buds without introducing too much sugar.

le choix des ingredients

Then, choose reduced-fat dairy products such as 0% cottage cheese or natural yogurt. These provide calcium and proteins necessary for the body without excess lipids.

Instead of conventional sugar, consider using natural sweeteners such as honey or stevia extract. These alternatives allow you to sweeten your desserts without increasing their glycemic index.

Finally, don't hesitate to use spices like cinnamon, vanilla or ginger to intensify the flavors without adding additional calories.

Ideas for light and tasty desserts: CBD fruits

Now let's tackle the issue of CBD fruits, a booming trend. According to Healthline research published in 2020, they may offer multiple health benefits thanks to their anti-inflammatory and soothing properties.

We have selected some attractive alternatives to incorporate CBD fruits into your airy desserts:

        • A fruit salad enhanced with a CBD vinaigrette.
        • Strawberries dipped in chocolate enriched with CBD.
        • A smoothie made with assorted fruits mixed with natural yogurt and a drop of CBD oil.


    un smoothie realise avec des fruits


        • A citrus sorbet accompanied by a syrup infused with CBD.
        • An apple-pear compote enhanced with a zest of CBD extract.

      It is crucial that you consult your healthcare professional before any consumption, in order to determine the dosage suitable for your needs. It would be unfortunate if the introduction of cannabidiol disrupted rather than enhanced your dining experience.

      CBD fruits represent an innovative and health-promoting method of enriching your airy desserts without compromising their taste or nutritional value. Keep this in mind during your next culinary experiments!

      Light and tasty chocolate-based desserts

      Light CBD foam

      Chocolate and CBD combine in a bold formula to create an airy and succulent dessert: light CBD mousse. This preparation combines the sweetness of cocoa with the relaxing effects of cannabidiol. It is made from high-end dark chocolate, low in sugar but rich in fiber, and CBD oil, known for its beneficial properties on stress and anxiety.

      Light brownies with CBD

      For baking enthusiasts, we suggest a revisited version of the famous brownies. By replacing a portion of traditional fats with CBD -infused coconut oil, we get a creamy dessert without overwhelming your body. The result ? A delicious brownie with soothing properties that will naturally find its place in your balanced diet .

      Ice cream and infused ice creams

      The time has come to talk about ice cream and infused ice creams, an alternative solution for lovers of light and delicious desserts.

      The demand for these treats has increased recently, due to the introduction of novel exotic flavors and health-beneficial ingredients. Artisan ice cream makers now incorporate aromatic herbs, green tea or ginger into their recipes.

      Additionally, these natural ingredients add a unique twist to traditional ice creams while reducing sugar levels without altering the taste. The result: a refreshing dessert that satisfies the taste buds without the guilt.

      Furthermore, certain ice creams are enriched with probiotics or vegetable proteins , offering additional benefits for our body. We therefore encourage you to explore this new culinary trend which combines taste pleasure and respect for the body.

      Traditional pastries revisited

      Apple pie revisited in a light and cannabidiol version

      We open this new section with a reinterpretation of the traditional apple pie, now lighter and enriched with cannabidiol (CBD). The secret lies in the choice of ingredients: homemade shortcrust pastry with a mixture of wholemeal flour and coconut oil, coconut sugar substituted for the usual refined sugar, organic apples stewed to preserve their nutrients. A final touch of CBD not only brings a subtle earthy flavor, but also preserves its recognized benefits for the body.

      Low-fat cheesecake gets a makeover with CBD

      We continue our gourmet exploration with cheesecake. This much-loved dessert is transformed here into a light delight that retains all its flavor thanks to CBD. The biscuit base is made with whole oat flakes mixed and bound with 0% fat Greek yogurt. The creamy blend combines low-fat cottage cheese, natural stevia for sweetness, lemon zest for fresh brightness and cannabidiol essential oil.

      Airy muffins: light and tasty, guaranteed thanks to cannabidiol

      We conclude this selection with the air muffins with CBD. These little soft pleasures are made from a special recipe that focuses on lightness and flavor. Their secret? Beaten egg whites for aeration, almond flour for the delicate taste as well as a touch of CBD oil for taste balance. Each bite offers a unique sensory journey, combining low-calorie sweet pleasure and the benefits of cannabidiol.

      muffins aeriens au cbd

      Suggestions for sweet drinks

      The revival of fruity shakes

      After exploring frozen delights and innovative pastries, we turn to sweet drinks. Fruity shakes enriched with cannabinoid are a light and original alternative for a dessert. These fresh fruit cocktails combined with the sweetness of vegetable milk offer freshness. The incorporation of cannabinoids amplifies their health benefits without making the drink heavy.

            • Peaches, bananas and CBD
            • Strawberries, kiwi and CBD
            • Mango, pineapple and CBD
            • Assorted berries with CBD
            • Apricots, blueberries with a hint of cannabinoid

      Gourmet low-fat coffee or tea while still being tasty

      For those who like to finish their meal with a hot drink accompanied by a little sweet treat, coffee or gourmet tea garnished with light treats is the ideal option. Grilled dried fruits, low-sugar dark chocolate truffles or even mini gluten-free macaroons can perfectly accompany your espresso or green tea.

      However, it is worth noting that ScienceDaily (2018) reported in a study that moderate consumption of sugary drinks may be linked to an increased risk of cardiovascular disease. Therefore, it is preferable to opt for natural, unprocessed and moderately sweet products in order to enjoy sweet pleasures without harming your health.


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