Les vertus de la médecine douce

The virtues of alternative medicine

Written by: Romain Lyomat


The virtues of alternative medicine

In a world where the holistic approach and alternative therapies are gaining popularity, we explore the vast world of alternative medicine. We dive into explaining homeopathy, dissect the role of CBD and reveal the calming benefits of meditation. Finally, we will help you overcome the prejudices often associated with these practices. Prepare for an informative journey into the heart of another vision of health.

The Holistic concept

At the heart of alternative medicine lies a fundamental concept, that of holism or holistic vision . It is an integral and complete perception of the individual. It affirms that each person is an indivisible unit where the physical, the mental and the soul are in constant connection.

This principle maintains that health is not just the absence of disease. He affirms that it is a complete state of bodily, psychological and social well-being. Therefore, to achieve this perfect harmony, it is imperative to consider the patient in his entirety: his lifestyle, his daily food, his family and professional conditions as well as his emotional situation.

Alternative medicine adopts this philosophy by offering treatments that seek to activate the body's natural abilities to repair itself rather than directly combating the apparent signs of an illness. For example by using organic foods to boost our immune system or using techniques like yoga or meditation to calm our mind.

la meditation pour calmer notre esprit

It is undeniable that this humanist philosophy presents a multitude of benefits that we can all benefit from by incorporating certain principles into our daily routine.

The virtues of alternative medicine: alternative therapies

Acupuncture and Acupressure

Acupuncture , originating in ancient China, uses thin needles inserted into specific points on the body to balance the flow of energy . As for acupressure , it uses the pressure exerted by the fingers on these same locations. These two methods have proven effective in relieving stress and anxiety according to a study published by Science Daily in 2020.

  • Activation of energy points to relieve stress.
  • Natural regulation of stress-related hormones.
  • Improved physical and mental well-being thanks to optimized blood circulation.
  • Alleviation of disorders associated with sleep.

Phytotherapy and Aromatherapy

Phytotherapy takes advantage of the therapeutic properties of plants while aromatherapy uses their essential oils. They offer a wide range of applications ranging from relaxation to immune stimulation. However, it is important that proper use is respected to ensure their effectiveness while avoiding undesirable side effects.

      • Natural relief thanks to the healing properties present in plants.
      • Digestive aid or even immune strengthening with certain specific herbs.
      • Deep relaxation favored by soothing scents.
      • Variety of options thanks to the diversity of essential oils available.
phytotherapie et laromatherapie

The virtues of alternative medicine: the explanation of Homeopathy

Do you really know homeopathy ? Often, this practice remains a mystery to most people even though it is in reality a gentle therapeutic method that perfectly complements traditional medicine. It is based on the principle of similarity : curing evil with evil by using tiny doses of natural substances.

Homeopathy is also distinguished by its personalized approach. It does not limit itself to treating symptoms, but rather takes into consideration every aspect of the patient: their medical history, their personality and even their lifestyle.

Indeed, far from being a simple alternative to traditional treatments, homeopathy offers a different vision of health and illnesses. A more holistic perspective that responds to our growing desire for medicine that better respects our body as well as our environment.

CBD in alternative medicine

The effects of CBD on the human body

Cannabidiol, or CBD, comes from the cannabis plant. It does not have a psychoactive effect like THC and respects legality. CBD directly influences our endocannabinoid system which regulates various bodily functions such as sleep, appetite and pain. Its positive interaction with this system gives it notable analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties. It helps modulate mood while promoting restful sleep.

Les effets du CBD sur le corps humain

Daily application of CBD

The use of CBD in our daily activities is often in the form of oil or capsules. Easy to integrate into our diet, we can add it to a morning smoothie or consume a few sublingual drops to promote better sleep before bed.

It is important to introduce CBD gradually so that our body can adapt to it without stress.

As with any product related to your overall health, we strongly encourage consultation with your doctor or healthcare professional before use.

The virtues of alternative medicine: meditation

Managing anxiety through meditation

Meditation, an ancestral practice from Eastern traditions, proves to be a valuable tool in managing anxiety. Immersing yourself in yourself allows you to tame intrusive thoughts and stressful factors, among other things. This deep relaxation technique invites us to focus our attention on the present moment, moving away from the incessant flow of concerns that are often sources of worry.

Improved sleep through meditation

Another remarkable benefit of meditation is its positive impact on sleep. It helps reduce insomnia and various sleep disorders by calming the mind at bedtime. Regular practice promotes a quicker transition to sleep as well as deeper, restorative rest by minimizing nighttime ruminations.

Meditation for chronic pain

Beyond mental well-being, meditation also has undeniable physical virtues. Individuals suffering from persistent pain can find in this discipline an alternative solution to alleviate their pain. Focusing on your breathing or a specific area of the body can reduce the perceived intensity of pain and help you live better with it on a day-to-day basis.

Overcoming prejudices regarding alternative medicine

It is sometimes difficult to overcome the prejudices surrounding alternative medicine. Many people doubt its effectiveness compared to that of conventional medicine. However, a study published by Harvard Health Publishing in 2017 demonstrates that certain approaches have the potential to greatly improve the quality of life of patients with chronic diseases.

      • Chiropractic: It soothes musculoskeletal pain.
      • Acupuncture: Useful for reducing stress and anxiety.
      • Yoga: Contributes to increasing general well-being and strengthens immunity.
      • Homeopathy: Helps relieve certain symptoms without visible side effects.
      • Naturopathy: Offers natural solutions to increase the body's self-healing.

It is therefore essential to be receptive to these scientifically validated alternative practices. They require our attention, not only because they respect our body more, but also because they constitute a relevant therapeutic complement to traditional methods.

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