Vapes / E-liquids CBD

Fans of electronic cigarettes will find their happiness in this section dedicated to CBD e-liquids, terpenes and vape devices. Like other E-liquids, CBD E-liquid is a liquid mixture intended to be heated in the electronic cigarette, to create vapor.

E-liquid can help you quit smoking (cigarette and/or THC). Consuming CBD while vaping compensates for the lack and provides a relaxing and soothing effect. Vaping CBD also allows you to discover the benefits and sometimes still unknown potential of CBD. The products offered in our selection do not contain nicotine, and may therefore be suitable for both smokers and non-smokers. We also offer you the Tempo, a discreet, fine and stylish vape pen with a wide choice of aromas. The cartridges (pods) offered with this device are refillable (up to 4 times) with the e-liquids offered on this page.