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CBG Oil "Deserved Rest" BySTILLA. Relax with these gourmet aromas of chocolate enhanced with a hint of roasted hazelnuts.
CBG is a cannabinoid that would be particularly effective in treating pain and inflammation. We recommend it for people suffering from muscle and joint pain as well as athletes who wish to speed up their recovery.
This STILLA® CBD oil is made in France with MCT Coconut oil enhanced with natural flavors. Natural full-spectrum hemp and terpene extraction guarantees you strong effects.
Product information:
- CBD Spectre Complet (Full Spectrum).
- 10ml bottle. About 200 drops.
- Made in France by CIDS France (STILLA Laboratory) and certified in an approved and independent laboratory.
- Take 2 to 4 drops per dose, up to 4 times a day.


- Pure MCT Coconut Oil, extracted from 100% Coconut Oil.
- Oil 10%: 539mg of CBD and 577mg of CBG
- Oil 15%: 811mg of CBD and 859mg of CBG
- Natural extraction of CBG and CBD at Full Spectrum (Full Spectrum) from natural French hemp.
- Natural aromas.
- No additives or preservatives.


Made in France and certified in an approved laboratory. The certificate of analysis of this product carried out by a certified and independent European laboratory is available among the photos displayed on this page.
CBG CBD Oil "Choco Hazelnut" Full Spectrum 10% or 15% (10ml)
4790 5490