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The taste of this oil is neutral, so it's suitable for people who don't like the hemp taste of some other products in this department.
**The packaging of this product has recently changed, the formulation and the benefits remain the same. ByStilla is a new premium brand from the Stilla laboratory.**
"MCT Coco" CBD oil is a new formula patented by the French laboratory STILLA. Rich in natural cannabinoids, the oil is composed of CBD Full Spectrum extracted in a natural way, combined with pure Coco MCT oil extracted from 100% Coconut oil, which represents an important guarantee of quality.

We recommend the 2000mg oil for daily use during the day and/or after sport and the 3000mg and 4000mg for people with a high level of stress or suffering from severe pain or insomnia.
Product information:
- 10ml bottle with pipette.
- Neutral taste.
- 3 concentrations CBD disponibles : 2000mg (20%) / 3000mg (30%) / 4000mg (40%).
- Spectre Complet (Full Spectrum) / THC <0,05%.
- Made in France and certified in an independent approved laboratory.
Take advantage of the set of two bottles to save money.


- Pure MCT Coconut Oil, extracted from 100% Coconut Oil.
- Full Spectrum CBD from French hemp.
- No GMOs, no additives or preservatives.
Certification :
Made and certified in France.
The certificate of analysis for this product conducted by a certified European laboratory is available among the photos displayed on this page.
Full Spectrum CBD Oil "MCT Coco" (10ml)
3390 3690