CBD gummies or candies

Written by: Arthur Leclerc


CBD gummies or candies

Among the many ways to consume CBD, CBD gummies or candies are one of the most practical and surely the most fun. In addition to the fact that they are very tasty, it is easy to find the right dosage of CBD. In fact, they are a great introduction for people looking to try cannabidiol for the first time.

Where does the word Gummies come from?

The term generally used for CBD gummies is “Gummies”, a word of English origin. This term is frequently found in stores in France or on online sales sites.

To consume the oils and capsules you have to take your time and it is not always discreet. On the other hand, you can consume CBD gummies or candies at any time of the day and discreetly. Easy to transport, we appreciate them for their treat side which allows you to benefit from the natural therapeutic benefits of CBD.

Les gummies ou bonbons CBD

What are the different types of CBD gummies or candies?

If you've ever been interested in gummies, you've probably noticed that the products can vary in their composition. These are in fact made from CBD distillate, which are divided into 3 categories. There are so-called “full spectrum”, “broad spectrum” or “isolate” distillates.

These titles correspond to the compound contained in the oil, obtained at the end of the extraction. “Full spectrum” distillate is the most popular CBD oil. It contains cannabidiol and other components of the plant, such as terpenes and THC, in compliance with the authorized standard (i.e. less than 0.3%).

“Broad spectrum” distillate is similar, with cannabidiol, terpenes but contains no THC. What pushes consumers towards this type of CBD gummies or candies is the flavor preserved thanks to terpenes, which carry the aromatic molecules of the plant. Terpenes also preserve what is commonly called “ the entourage effect ". The entourage effect can be defined as the way in which the different compounds in hemp interact to create the synergies that give the plant its specific properties. Of the studies show that the plant's components have more powerful effects when consumed together than separately.

The third type of CBD gummies or candies is made with cannabidiol isolate. As its name suggests, the isolate only includes one active molecule: CBD. It is a good option for those who do not want THC in their product, or who might be allergic to other compounds.

CBD gummies or candies: CBD treats... for adults

You should be aware that unflavored hemp-derived products can have a vegetal, often earthy taste. Some people enjoy this flavor because it brings them closer to the natural experience, but it may put off others. CBD gummies or candies therefore represent a good compromise for benefit benefits of cannabidiol, while enjoying a sweet treat. Of course, these candies must be kept out of reach of children. Cannabidiol products are intended for adults, gummies are prohibited under 18 years old.

Gummies ou bonbons CBD

How many CBD gummies to consume?

Now that you know the benefits of different types of CBD gummies or gummies, you must be wondering how much you can consume. In fact, it all depends on the concentration of CBD. We offer some 10mg of CBD per Gummy to 50mg of per Gummy. We advise not to exceed a dose of 200mg of CBD per day, all products combined and depending on your weight.

Unlike oils for example, the dosage of which can sometimes seem complicated for novices, each gummy contains a precise dose of CBD and therefore ready to be consumed without measuring. For initial use, we recommend taking approximately 50mg to 100mg per day over a period of 4 to 6 weeks. It is in fact over time that you will be able to appreciate the effect, like food supplements for example. Depending on the effect felt, you can then adjust your consumption.

And rest assured, addiction does not exist in CBD gummies or candies, although they are delicious! Recent studies showed that those who take it regularly tend to need fewer and fewer cannabinoids to experience the same effects.

What are the effects of CBD Gummies?

Cannabidiol is generally well tolerated by consumers. It interacts with your body, so its effect may vary from person to person. Depending on your body type, you can wait up to 2 hours to feel the full effects, i.e. digestion time. This may seem like a long time, but on the other hand, you will be able to enjoy it for 4 to 6 hours.

Generally, consumers report feeling a feeling of relaxation, while others indicate that CBD gummies or candies help them feel focused. Many studies also demonstrated analgesic and therapeutic effects for anxiety. The best way to find out how cannabidiol works for you is to try it!


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