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Discover CBF

Written by: Arthur Leclerc


Discover the CBF

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Discover the CBF


Discover CBF or Cannabifuran which is perhaps one of the least known cannabinoids, due to its rarity . Its natural presence in the plant is subject to dispute because its extraction from cannabis remains difficult. All available studies on CBF indeed involve the synthesis of the cannabinoid from other compounds.

From a research perspective, although discovered in the 1980s, little is known about the felt effects and properties of CBF. CBF is believed to be a metabolite of THC, indicating that it may have some psychoactive potential.



What is the chemical structure of CBF?


At first glance, CBF looks like CBD. Both cannabinoids feature the trio of cyclic rings that make up the body, accompanied by a tail alkyl chain.

It appears that CBF has a fourth ring ring, with an additional oxygen bond. The researchers believe that these structural differences could be responsible for the felt effects associated with CBF ingestion.


What are the effects of CBF?


The exact pharmacokinetics of CBF remain relatively speculative. Although one can be reasonably confident in their understanding of how the cannabinoid functions in the human body, CBF is understudied.

Overall, it can be said that CBF produces effects that fall somewhere between those of CBD and THC. For the rest, it is necessary to wait until the researchers can further their work before making a decision.





Although it is difficult to make definitive statements about the benefits of CBF, we have tried to give you some insight by comparing it to CBD.


Discover the CBF and its origin


CBD is the second most abundant cannabinoid in the plant, after THC.

It is possible to obtain it from virtually any hemp or cannabis plant.

At this point, until now, scientists have not been able to produce CBF from THC naturally.

Sources indicate that the cannabinoid is found in some rare cannabis phenotypes, but this claim cannot yet be proven. Until now all available CBF has been obtained by combining various substances not related to cannabis.



What is the structure of the CBF?


CBF appears to be closer to CBD than to most other cannabinoids. However, the two cannabinoids remain structurally different, which means they likely interact differently with our bodies.



Discover CBF: people who have used the cannabinoid mention effects reminiscent of a slightly more psychoactive form of CBG . However, the properties of the molecule remain to be defined. CBF appears more potent than CBD, but less potent than THC.




Researchers speculate that this cannabinoid could potentially be used to address bioavailability gaps in hemp and cannabis products.


Legality, discover the CBF


As is generally the case for cannabinoids other than delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol (delta 9 THC), CBF is currently considered industrial hemp, not a drug.

However, it is necessary to take into account the transformation actions carried out in the laboratory to synthesize CBF, which distinguish it from purely natural cannabinoids such as CBD or CBG .

The evolution of the legality of the molecule therefore remains uncertain.




The comparative safety of CBF compared to other cannabinoids remains highly speculative. Factors to consider include the approximate structural similarity of CBF to currently consumed cannabinoids. But also the use of transformation agents to synthesize the molecule, for which vigilance is essential.


Where to buy CBF?


Cannabifuran is so rare that it remains relatively unknown. To fill this void, some manufacturers are starting to offer bulk CBF products online .

Since there is still some regulatory vagueness, the cannabinoid industry continues to be home to some producers whose operations do not meet optimal safety standards.

So, our best advice would be to wait until research on this cannabinoid progresses before ordering it.


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