CBD for Muscle Relaxation

Here is a selection of CBD products intended for muscle relaxation. These products are aimed at both for athletes and people wishing to treat muscle or joint pain.

A partir de 1890
A partir de 1890
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Hot and cold for athletes

People who play sports could use these CBD products for muscle relaxation before training. For example, the relaxing warming cream "Warmup" from the Harmony brand allows you to gently warm your muscles before a session. This brand also offers a refreshing topical gel called “Skin Meditation”. It relieves small sores after training, a combat sport or a football match. Both of these products are suitable for vegans, do not contain alcohol and are not tested on animals. They obviously do not contain any THC so that athletes can use them in competition without fear.

Cosmebio certified products

We also offer products from the French brand Hexa3, some of which have the Cosmebio label. Their range includes a muscle balm with essential oils of marjoram and pepper mint. It contains a generous dose of 1000mg of CBD to ensure your muscle relaxation. This balm is also effective for relieve your joints and prevent inflammation. The Hexaflex range also includes a “Roll On” which allows precise application as well as a patch which diffuses the CBD slowly on a chosen area for 24 hours. We also offer Harmony brand patches.

Products that are also suitable for daily care

We can use all these CBD muscle relaxation products to treat daily pain linked to bad posture and other hassles that accompany our modern lives.