Hemp+ is a French laboratory specialized in CBD-based products. The brand offers complete ranges composed of oils, capsules, and gummies formulated around specific needs.

The sleep range is centered around "NIGHT DREAM" products that help you fall asleep more easily and have a more restful sleep thanks to the combination of melatonin with CBD.

The "EVERY DAY" range is your vitality partner to be energetic and relaxed all day long thanks to the combination of CBD with its antioxidant properties, and vitamin C. It adapts to the most active lifestyles by contributing to the proper functioning of the immune system and promoting overall vitality.

Hemp+ also offers its "PASSION" range combining CBD with Ginger, a well-known root for its aphrodisiac properties. The combination of CBD that will allow a release and relaxation and Ginger that will awaken the libido promises a sensual experience to share.

The "BALANCE" range combines CBD with Ginseng, a root that has exceptional effects on cognitive abilities by improving memory and concentration. The combination of the two molecules will bring you a cocktail of vitality and allow you to stay focused.

The brand also offers fruity and menthol-flavored CBD oils and a CBD oil for pets.