CBD Gift Ideas

CBD is one of the few gifts that provides real lasting mental and physical benefits, even after the products themselves are long gone. CBD could be a great gift choice for your family and loved ones because it could help them sleep better, feel better, and move better than they have in years.

Hemp has more than just three health and wellness benefits. To keep things simple, however, we'll focus on three benefits that most likely apply to your parents and their lives: balance, peace/calm, and relief from discomfort.

Balance is essential to lead a happy and healthy life. Even from a purely scientific perspective, balance is what makes the complexities of human biology possible. Without balance, we would not be able to keep our environment in balance.

It's no wonder that more complex life forms (like humans and other mammals) have something called the endocannabinoid system. This special system keeps all other systems and organs in our body in balance with each other. Balance, in turn, promotes efficiency and complexity, building on itself through multiple positive feedback loops.

As awesome as the endocannabinoid system is, it's not immune to stress. It can be depleted of important signaling molecules if the stress persists long enough. Even a single night of poor sleep can deplete endocannabinoid levels enough to upset the balance.

Now for some good news: CBD might help. Research suggests that taking CBD can directly increase endocannabinoid levels, resulting in a consistent, whole body balance. If years - or decades - of stress have left your friends and family feeling out of balance, CBD products might be right up their alley.

CBD might be just the thing to help your loved ones stay calm and carry on. Being a parent (and/or grandparent) can be tough, but many CBD users find that the compound helps them slow down, enjoy the moment, and really stay present with their family. Some research shows that CBD can even increase levels of oxytocin, the love hormone, in your body.

Using CBD can also promote inner peace and calm in other areas of life. Maybe the people around you are stressed about the economy, their retirement, or what will happen to the world their children or grandchildren will inherit. CBD can help the brain see the bright side by primarily interacting with dopamine and serotonin receptors which affect the perception of any given situation.

CBD also has distinct physical benefits. Its use has been associated with reductions in certain oxidative and inflammatory markers. Experts theorize that the activation of the endocannabinoid system by CBD is responsible for these anti-inflammatory effects.

The practical applications of this are nearly endless. Are you and your friends moving a little slower than before? Do you find it difficult to play the sports you once loved? Do you want to have more energy to run with your children? If these questions feel familiar, you may want to look into the potential benefits of CBD. Many CBD users find that the compound helps them improve their mobility over time.