Le Chanvrier Suisse

Providing organic products with a unique taste and smell is the reason why our brand was born. Developing new flavors and meeting your consumption experience needs is a key element of our success. Always in strict compliance with regulations, we bring rigorous quality control to our products, from production to delivery.

Le Chanvrier Suisse is a passionate family business that loves to work according to the rules with rigor and ardor, while closely following the evolutions and expectations of a growing market.

Known for its flowers with a unique scent and colorful buds, Le Chanvrier Suisse makes it a point of honor to offer sensational flavors in each product.

Our master Swiss producers are particularly concerned about the quality of their hemp plant cultivation.

Offering you the benefits of CBD by providing natural products is the DNA of Le Chanvrier Suisse. 100% natural, our products are made from the highest quality organic CBD extracts.

To facilitate the readability and traceability of each of our products, all analyses are carried out in the same approved and independent laboratory.

Committed to a process of sustainable and equitable development, our flower cultivation methods are decidedly responsible.