E-liquide Fruits Rouges 1% 100 Mg
STILLA is a French company based in Marmande in Lot-et-Garonne since 2019. The brand develops well-being and vape products (and also a little of both) around natural products including hemp, which carries the famous CBD molecule. The entire offer was imagined, designed and produced in the in-house laboratory.
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The Greek word "stílê" from which the STILLA brand is derived means "drop". It is therefore not the "Stylish" side that is put forward but rather the notion of distilling the benefits from this wonderful plant which is hemp. Gout also reminds us of their high-quality CBD oils that are taken in this form.

The hemp plant and its benefits are at the center of the brand's vision. It has the ambition to develop and democratize its use in the context of personal but also common well-being thanks to sustainable development because it is a plant that nourishes and "cleans" the soils where it grows.