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The city

Almere is a vibrant and modern Dutch city located in the province of Flevoland. Conceived as a new city, Almere has become one of the largest cities in the country in terms of population. Although relatively young, it has some iconic landmarks, including the KAF Theater, a contemporary cultural center that houses a variety of shows and exhibitions. Another important landmark is the Flevoziekenhuis, a modern hospital serving the area. Almere also offers generous green spaces, including the municipal park and the Oostvaardersplassen nature reserve, where locals and visitors can enjoy nature. With its innovative architecture, modern facilities and friendly atmosphere, Almere continues to grow as a vibrant urban center in the Netherlands.

What are the places not to be missed in Almere ?

      • Oostvaardersplassen
      • KAF Theater
      • Almere city center
      • Marina Haven Almere-Haven
      • Almere Beach
      • Cinema Kinepolis Almere
      • Flevopark
      • Museum De Paviljoens

What are the occasions to celebrate in Almere ?

      • Almere City Run (Mars)
      • Dragonfly Summer Week (May)
      • Almere Haven Festival (June)
      • Almere Jazz Festival (June/July)
      • Almere Cultural Sundays (September)
      • Almere Haven Winter Market (Decembre)
      • New Year's Eve Fireworks (Décembre)
Almere KAF Theater

Where can you find the best CBD Shop in Almere ?

The growing popularity of CBD following its legalization and rapid market expansion demonstrates sustained demand for this natural product. Appreciated for its various therapeutic virtues, CBD is attracting more and more consumers looking for natural solutions to relieve various ailments. This trend has given rise to the emergence of numerous CBD shops and specialized boutiques, offering a wide range of CBD products to meet everyone's varied needs.

In the Netherlands, cannabis is regulated under a tolerance policy called "gedoogbeleid", tolerating the sale and possession of small quantities in famous "coffee shops". Unlike most other European Union countries, where cannabis is strictly prohibited, the Netherlands has taken a more liberal approach. Thus, many stores and coffee shops offer cannabis and derived products for sale. You will also find seeds to grow your own cannabis as well as CBD products in some of these boutiques and coffee shops.

Unfortunately, there is not enough information on coffee shops and boutiques in the city of Almere to give you the right addresses. However, you will surely be able to find shops offering CBD in several areas of the city. The city center, surrounding areas such as Almere Buiten and Almere Haven or Almere Poort and Almere Stad.

Almere Strand

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What are the best places for relaxation and well-being in Almere ?

In recent years, we have seen a significant growth in the importance placed on well-being and the pursuit of a healthy and balanced life. This trend has led to the creation of thousands of spas, wellness centers and institutes around the world, offering a diverse range of services aimed at helping individuals relax and recharge their batteries. From relaxing massages to guided meditation sessions and luxurious spa treatments, there are a host of services on offer to meet everyone's needs in their quest for a more peaceful and fulfilled life.

Whether you are a resident or simply passing through Almere , discover three unmissable addresses where you can enjoy a relaxing moment:

Where can you find the most popular yoga classes in Almere ?

Yoga, an ancient practice originating in India, has seen exponential growth in its importance in the modern world. Originally developed thousands of years ago as a spiritual and philosophical discipline, yoga has now spread across the globe as a popular method of maintaining physical and mental well-being. The benefits of yoga are multiple: improvement of flexibility and muscular strength, reduction of stress and anxiety. This growing popularity has therefore led to the creation of thousands of yoga classes and establishments around the world. These offering practitioners a variety of approaches and levels tailored to their needs and goals.

Would you also like to take yoga classes? Here is a list of the most popular places to take yoga classes in Almere . But there are also other possibilities to discover in the city.

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