CBD Capsules

Easy to transport, consume, and dose, CBD capsules have quickly become a must-have for many Cannabidiol enthusiasts. Each capsule contains a precise amount of CBD (10 to 50mg per capsule), always indicated on the box, making dosing each intake very simple. The capsules are swallowed and absorbed by your digestive system, allowing for a slow and gradual release of effects. Broad Spectrum or Full Spectrum, find here a selection of 100% natural products, manufactured in the EU, from hemp extract grown without pesticides or GMOs, and of course certified by accredited and independent European laboratories.
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The oil that is encapsulated in our capsules is made with the same methods and standards as our CBD oils. We recommend the use of CBD capsules to people who want to integrate a precise dosage of CBD into their daily routine to enjoy its benefits throughout the day. By taking one capsule with each meal of the day, you can maintain the level of CBD in your body, and taking it with meals facilitates the absorption of CBD by your body thanks to the activity of the digestive system.

CBD capsules are also an excellent means of absorption for athletes. Taking a capsule after intense physical activity such as a long run or a football match helps prevent and limit muscle soreness. For example, golfers and other precision sports players appreciate capsules that they take before practicing in order to enjoy the calm, serenity, and concentration that CBD brings them.