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The city

Charleroi , located in the Walloon region of Belgium, is an important industrial and cultural city. Known as the economic heart of the region, it has long been associated with its mining and steelmaking heritage. Today, Charleroi is reinventing itself as a dynamic cultural center, with museums, theaters and an emerging arts scene. The city is also home to notable examples of architecture, including some works by Belgian architect Victor Horta. The urban landscape is constantly evolving, with revitalization initiatives aimed at rehabilitating former industrial sites. Despite its socio-economic challenges, Charleroi offers a fascinating mix of history, culture and diversity, making it an interesting destination to explore in Belgium.

What are the destinations to discover in Charleroi ?

      • The Cazier Wood
      • The BPS22 - Art Museum of the Province of Hainaut
      • The Charleroi Museum of Fine Arts
      • Charles II Square
      • Aulne Abbey
      • Queen Astrid Park
      • The Museum of Photography
      • The Passerelle La Belle Charleroi

What festivities are planned in Charleroi ?

      • Chiny Storytelling Festival (February)
      • Craft Beer Festival (April)
      • Music Festival (June)
      • Circus Nights (September)
      • FrancoFaune Festival (October)
      • Charleroi International Film Festival (November)
      • Christmas market (December)
Charleroi Parc Reine Astrid

Where can you find the best CBD Shops in Charleroi ?

The legalization of CBD has boosted its demand as a popular natural alternative known for its calming properties. This popularity has resulted in many CBD Shops offering a variety of products tailored to consumers' individual needs.

If you want a quality address in the city, go to StreetShop at 8 Rue de Montigny. Building on its success in France in many large cities, this pioneering CBD brand is now in Belgium with already 4 stores: Ixelles, Jette, Namur and Charleroi . With a wide range of quality products praised by customers, you will inevitably find what you are looking for there. Flowers, oils, various smoking accessories, a wide choice of Dutch, Spanish or American collectible seeds and even top quality vaporizers. Thanks to its competent and attentive team as well as its range of quality products, StreetShop has established itself as the benchmark for CBD in Charleroi , thus standing out from other CBD Shops in the city.

In Charleroi , several neighborhoods could offer other possibilities for purchasing CBD. The Lower Town, known for its historic atmosphere and its numerous shops, often offers ranges of CBD products integrated into wellness shops. Likewise, the Rive Gauche district, with its modern commercial spaces, could house CBD stores. Neighborhoods close to the University and residential areas like Jumet could also offer purchasing options.

Charleroi Bois du Cazier

Fast delivery of CBD in Charleroi

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Where are the best spas and wellness centers located in Charleroi ?

In recent decades, growing global demand for wellness has driven the growth of the healthcare industry, giving rise to numerous establishments offering a diverse range of services. From modern hospitals to wellness centers and spas, these institutions aim to promote health through technological and medical advancements, reflecting the increased emphasis on health and well-being globally.

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Which places offer the best yoga classes in Charleroi ?

Yoga, an ancient practice, combines physical postures, breathing and meditation to promote health and well-being. It provides various benefits, such as reducing stress, improving flexibility and muscle strength, and promoting relaxation and mental clarity. Currently, yoga is attracting more and more interest due to its effectiveness in dealing with the challenges of modern life, such as stress, anxiety and body pain. Its appeal is also reinforced by scientific research that confirms its benefits for physical and mental health. As a holistic method, yoga continues to attract a wide range of people, of all ages and backgrounds, interested in improving their overall well-being.

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