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The city

Horsens , a Danish town nestled on the east coast of Jutland, offers a fascinating mix of historical heritage and contemporary energy. Its city center, punctuated with cobbled streets and buildings with colorful facades, reveals a captivating medieval past. At the heart of this bustling city stands Horsens Prison , now a striking museum that tells the story of the region's prison history. A few steps away, the majestic Church of Saint Mary, with its imposing towers, dominates the skyline, serving as a reminder of the importance of faith and religious architecture in the urban landscape. Not far away, Horsenshus Castle, an imposing vestige of the Middle Ages, offers visitors a journey back in time through its historic rooms and captivating exhibitions. These iconic monuments, witnesses to a rich and varied past, add cultural depth to this dynamic Danish city, where past and present come together harmoniously.

What places should you absolutely discover in Horsens ?

      • Horsens Prison
      • Church of Saint Mary
      • Horsens Art Museum
      • Horsens Fjord
      • Château de Horsenshus
      • Bygholm Park
      • Horsens Museum
      • Søndergade

What are the traditional celebrations not to be missed in Horsens ?

      • Horsens Beer Festival (May)
      • Festival du rock de Horsens (Juin)
      • Horsens tennis tournament (July)
      • Horsens Agricultural Fair (August)
      • Horsens Theater Festival (September)
      • Horsens Film Festival (October)
      • Horsens Christmas Market (December)


Horsens Fjord

Where to find the best CBD Shop in Horsens ?

CBD, discovered in 1940 by Roger Adams, has become a booming market thanks to its gradual legalization. Consumers seek its benefits for anxiety, pain as well as sleep, which has encouraged the creation of a wide range of CBD products. CBD Shops are thus multiplying rapidly by emphasizing the quality, expertise and transparency of ingredients to meet consumer expectations.

Nestled in the heart of Horsens , within the charming Haveforeningen on Pilevænget, is Nordic CBDank, the town's only CBD Shop. It stands out for its commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction. Specializing in the sale of CBD flowers, resins and oils, Nordic CBDank is recognized for the impeccable quality of its products. Each item is carefully selected, and the company is particular about quality standards. This guarantees an exceptional customer experience on every visit. With in-depth expertise, Nordic CBDank staff are here to answer any questions and offer sound advice. At Nordic CBDank, each interaction is therefore an opportunity to create a positive experience, guided by an unwavering commitment to the well-being and satisfaction of its customers.

In the diverse neighborhoods of Horsens , Nordic CBDank shines as the only known CBD Shop address. However, for those looking for alternatives, the city's neighborhoods are also full of possibilities. Places like Centrum, Nørrestrand, or even Stensballe are home to tobacconists, wellness shops, and pharmacies where you could also discover a variety of CBD products.

Horsens Kunstmuseet

Fast delivery of CBD to Horsens

Come discover our CBD products and benefit from convenient delivery to your home but also to a relay point in Horsens , while exploring the many benefits that CBD can offer to relieve various ailments.

What are the best places for a relaxing getaway to Horsens ?

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What are the best places for yoga sessions in Horsens ?

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