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The city

Kolding , a dynamic and historic Danish city located in the south of Denmark, is steeped in a rich cultural and architectural heritage. In the heart of the city stands the majestic Koldinghus Castle, an emblematic symbol of the region. This medieval fortress transformed into a museum offers visitors an immersive dive into the history of Denmark through its varied exhibitions and panoramic views of the city. Nearby, the Trapholt Kunst Museum features a collection of Danish and international modern and contemporary art, attracting art lovers from around the world. The cobbled streets of Kolding Old Town offer picturesque charm with their colorful houses, local craft shops and welcoming cafes. Kolding , with its iconic landmarks and welcoming ambiance, invites visitors to discover the history, culture and beauty of this vibrant Danish city.

What are the destinations not to be missed in Kolding ?

      • Château de Koldinghus
      • Trapholt Art Museum
      • Historic city center
      • Parc Slotssøen
      • Danish Railway Museum
      • Munkebjergskoven
      • Mølleparken
      • Geographic Garden

What unmissable events mark the year in Kolding ?

      • Festival international du film de Kolding (Février)
      • Triathlon in Kolding (May)
      • Saint Hans Day (June)
      • Kolding Beer Festival (July)
      • Kolding Jazz Festival (August)
      • Kolding art exhibition (September)
      • Kolding Christmas Fair (November-December)
Kolding Geografisk Have

Where to find the best CBD Shop in Kolding ?

The discovery of CBD in 1940 by Roger Adams in the hemp plant led to its gradual legalization and a market explosion. Consumers are increasingly seeking the benefits of CBD for anxiety, pain and sleep. Thus boosting the development of various CBD products such as oils, gummies and capsules. CBD Shops are growing rapidly with a focus on quality, expertise, diversity and transparency of ingredients to meet consumer standards and expectations.

Kolding does not have a CBD Shop per se. But fans of CBD products can turn to Grønne Amalie, located at number 6 Adelgade Street. This boutique specializing in health products offers a small but neat range of CBD products. Including cosmetics, oils and even hair products enriched with CBD. Grønne Amalie stands out for its commitment to overall wellness, offering a diverse selection to meet the needs of health and beauty conscious customers. This alternative represents a convenient option for those looking to explore the benefits of CBD in a setting focused on holistic health and wellness in Kolding .

In Kolding , although CBD Shops are not listed, neighborhoods like Centrum, Nordjylland and Sydbyen may offer options for lovers of CBD products. Tobacco shops and wellness shops like Grønne Amalie offer a selection of CBD products, as do local pharmacies. Despite the absence of a CBD Shop, exploring the neighborhoods reveals a diversity of options for integrating CBD into your daily routine.

Kolding Trapholt Kunst Museum

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What are the recommended addresses for unforgettable spa experiences in Kolding ?

In recent years, well-being has become an important part of daily life for many people. The recent global pandemic has accentuated this trend by highlighting the vital importance of taking care of both your physical and mental health. More and more people are actively looking for ways to improve their well-being and find balance in their daily lives. This quest has led to a proliferation of services and establishments specializing in wellness. Ranging from traditional spas and salons to holistic wellness centers offering a diverse range of services like massages, skincare, etc. The growing success of these establishments demonstrates the recognition of the importance of well-being in our contemporary society. Faced with the stress and challenges of daily life, these solutions actively contribute to promoting a more balanced and peaceful life.

Need to recharge your batteries? Here's where to find the most soothing spas in town:

What are the recommended addresses for enriching yoga experiences in Kolding ?

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If you also want to discover the benefits of yoga, here are the best addresses in the city:

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