Where are the best CBD Shops in Lyon?

The best CBD Shop in Lyon

The city

Located in the Rhône-Alpes region, Lyon is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site for its historical richness but also for its major role in the political, cultural and economic development of Europe. Also called the “capital of Gaul”, it has more than 500,000 inhabitants. Rich in history, walking through its streets is like stepping back in time.

To contemplate more than 2,000 years of history, go to the Panorama of Fourvière. Thanks to it, residents and tourists can appreciate the evolution of the City over two millennia. Antiquity with the site of the Fourvière hill, the Middle Ages and the Renaissance with Old Lyon as well as the 18th and 19th centuries with the Presqu’île and the Croix Rousse.

What are the places not to be missed in Lyon?

      • Basilica of Notre-Dame de Fourvière
      • The Tête d’Or Park
      • The Confluences Museum
      • Place Bellecour
      • The quays of the Saône
      • Place des Terreaux
      • Old Lyon

What are the main events in Lyon?

      • Vogue des Marrons (October)
      • Chocolate fair (November)
      • Japan Touch (December)
      • Primrose Salon (March)
      • Lyon Street Food Festival (June)
Cybèle Vieux Lyon

What is CBD?

CBD (Cannabidiol) is an active molecule present naturally in the hemp plant which itself contains more than 60 different cannabinoids including the best known, THC. As much as the latter has psychoactive effects (it disrupts the nervous system which gives the feeling of being stoned), CBD will regulate and soothe the body's nervous system and will not provide any psychotropic effects.

According to several scientific studies, CBD has beneficial properties for the body. Legislation in France validated the legalization of CBD following the legalization by the European Commission. Thus, many physical and online CBD Shops have emerged in France and throughout the EU since 2020.

Where are the best CBD Shops to buy quality and inexpensive CBD in Lyon ?

As in the rest of France, the city of Lyon has seen the emergence of CBD shops in its streets since the legalization of CBD in 2020. Which is not to displease the many new fans. In Lyon , the best CBD Shop according to reviews is Elijah, a shop located on rue d'Algérie, near Place de la Paix. With attractive prices and a huge choice of products, the reviews are only positive. You also have the High Society CBD store, also located in other cities, located on Cours Lafayette, a few streets from the Rhône. To relieve ailments or simply for pleasure, you will easily find what you are looking for there.

You can also find many other CBD Shops throughout the city and its suburbs. For example in rue des Remparts d'Ainay, rue Chavanne or near the Georges Clemenceau bridge.

place bellecour lyon

Fast delivery of CBD in Lyon

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Where to find the best wellness institutes in Lyon?

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Where to find the best Yoga classes in Lyon?

Yoga has many benefits for both the body and the mind. It offers a feeling of well-being and soothes many ailments.

Here is a selection of the best Yoga classes in Lyon:

Where are the best CBD Shops in other major French cities?

Where to buy natural, effective CBD products at the right price?

What are the places you should not miss under any circumstances? Where to find the best Wellness institutes? The right places to buy quality CBD? Is there a great Yoga class near you? Relax, we've done the investigation for you.

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