Where can you find the best CBD Shop in Murcia ?

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The city

Murcia is a Mediterranean treasure of Spain that captivates with its unique blend of tradition and modernity. With its majestic cathedral, Moorish architecture, and lush gardens, the city offers historic charm. Traditional festivals, such as the Bando de la Huerta and the Feria de Murcia, enliven the streets with colorful parades, folk dances and delicious gastronomy. The region's agricultural culture is reflected in its bustling markets and tasty dishes. Murcia , cradle of centuries-old traditions, invites you to an authentic discovery in the heart of Mediterranean Spain.

What are the places not to be missed in Murcia ?

      • Plaza Santo Domingo
      • Real Casino Murcia
      • Plaza Cardenal Belluga
      • Salzillo Museum
      • Sanctuary of Nuestra Senora de los Remedios
      • Santa Clara Monastery and Museum
      • Teatro Circo Murcia

What are the traditional festivals of Murcia ?

      • Holy Week (March-April)
      • Romería de la Virgen de la Arrixaca (April)
      • Bando de la Huerta (April)
      • Feast of the Apostle Saint James (July)
      • Romería de la Fuensanta (September)
      • Feria de Murcia (September)
Murcie Plaza Cardenal Belluga

Where are the best CBD Shops in Murcia ?

With the legalization of CBD in 2020 by the European Commission as well as the growth of this market, Murcia has seen a large number of CBD Shops emerge on its streets. Thanks to their expertise in the field as well as the diversity of their products, some of them have managed to stand out from the others.

The first of them is El Oro Verde located at C. Vinader, 6. With more than 800 positive reviews left by its customers, this CBD Shop has built a good reputation. The choices of products are very varied: flowers, resins, seeds to grow, accessories for smokers, etc., so you will definitely find what you are looking for.

The Growshop is also highly rated by consumers. With a wide choice of items to grow your own flowers or to consume directly, accessories for smokers and many other products, visit this store and find the product(s) to meet your desires and needs.

Although these two CBD shops are the best reviewed in town, you will also discover excellent shops specializing in CBD in other corners of Murcia . You can find, for example, C. Saavedra Fajardo near the Plaza de Europa, C. Verónicas a few steps from Sala Verónicas or even C/ Plano de San Francisco.

Murcie Santa Clara Monastery

Fast delivery of CBD in Murcia

Come explore our selection of CBD products and benefit from delivery to your home but also to a relay point in Murcia in just 72 hours.

    What are the best wellness salons in Murcia ?

    Today, wellness takes center stage in our lives, reflecting a growing concern for mental and physical health. Individuals increasingly recognize the importance of a balance between work, personal life and healthy lifestyle habits in order to promote a fulfilling existence. Over the years, the constant growth in the search for well-being has led to the creation of thousands of establishments specializing in this field around the world.

    Find below a small list of the best wellness salons in Murcia if you want to treat yourself to a relaxing moment:

      What are the best Yoga classes in Murcia ?

      Yoga is a practice that has a positive impact on both physical and mental well-being. It promotes overall relaxation, stress reduction and body strengthening. It is a true ally in the quest for well-being.

      So if you are looking for a Yoga class to relax and reduce your stress, find a short list of the most popular classes in Murcia :

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