Where to find the best CBD Shop in Rotterdam ?

Meilleurs CBD Shop à Rotterdam

The city

Rotterdam , the second largest city in the Netherlands after Amsterdam , is a vibrant center of commerce, culture and modern architecture. Located in the province of South Holland, this port metropolis is famous for its port. It is the largest in Europe, and its impressive skyline is dotted with iconic skyscrapers. Destroyed during the Second World War, Rotterdam has boldly rebuilt itself, harmoniously blending its rich maritime past with an avant-garde urban vision. The city is home to a thriving arts and culture scene, with museums, art galleries, festivals and events throughout the year. Popular attractions include the Markthal, a spectacular indoor market, and the Erasmus Bridge, an engineering feat and city icon. In short, Rotterdam embodies the innovative spirit of the Netherlands, combining tradition and modernity in a dynamic and constantly evolving urban landscape.

What can you explore in Rotterdam ?

      • The Port of Rotterdam
      • Le Markthal
      • The Erasmus Bridge
      • The Cube Houses
      • Le Musee Boijmans Van Beuningen
      • Rotterdam Zoo
      • Le Parc Euromast
      • The City of the Future

What events are organized in Rotterdam ?

      • Rotterdam International Film Festival (January/February)
      • Rotterdam White Night Festival (March)
      • Marathon de Rotterdam (Avril)
      • Rotterdam Unlimited (Juillet)
      • North Sea Jazz Festival (July)
      • World Port Days (September)
      • Popular Film Festival (September)
Rotterdam Markethal

Where can you find the best CBD Shop in Rotterdam ?

The growing popularity of CBD following its legalization and rapid market expansion demonstrates sustained demand for this natural product. Appreciated for its various therapeutic virtues, CBD is attracting more and more consumers looking for natural solutions to relieve various ailments. This trend has given rise to the emergence of numerous CBD shops and specialized boutiques. They offer a wide range of CBD products to meet everyone's varied needs.

If you are also looking for quality CBD products, here are the two best CBD Shop in Rotterdam :

Located Dordtse Straatweg 434C, 3075 BK Rotterdam , come and discover the Cibiday store and its wide variety of CBD products. You will find a wide, high-quality choice of oils, flowers, capsules, tools for growing your own as well as many other products. You can go directly to the store or have it delivered but also on their online store.

Located at Hartenstraat 26, 3012 VA Rotterdam , House of Smart, the number one smart store in the Netherlands, stands out for its wide range of products as well as its four other stores scattered across the country. Its vast assortment, divided into categories such as the "Seedshop" for seeds and growing kits, the "Headshop" for smoking accessories, the CBD Shop offering various ranges of products such as flowers and capsules, as well as the “Mushroom Shop” offering mushrooms and truffles, delights consumers with its diversity. The impeccable quality of the products is regularly praised, and home delivery is available.

By exploring the different districts of Rotterdam , such as Centrum, Delfshaven, West, but also Noord, you will have the opportunity to find other CBD shops that are worth the detour.

Rotterdam Cube Houses

Fast delivery of CBD in Rotterdam

You can discover all our ranges of high quality products and benefit from home delivery or collection from a collection point in Rotterdam .

What are the best rated wellness centers in Rotterdam ?

Over the years, well-being has become a growing concern for many Rotterdam residents. The city has thousands of establishments offering a wide range of services focused on health and well-being. They thus offer a multitude of options to meet the varied needs of its population. Rotterdam is full of initiatives aimed at encouraging a healthier lifestyle. This trend reflects a population increasingly aware of the importance of taking care of their body and mind. She thus adopts lifestyle habits focused on well-being and sustainability.

Whether a resident or passing through, here are three excellent addresses where you can enjoy a moment of relaxation. However, the city is also full of a large number of spas and wellness institutes that are worth discovering.

Where can you find the best yoga sessions in Rotterdam ?

Yoga, an ancestral discipline originating in India, has firmly established itself as an essential element of contemporary well-being. Famous for its multiple benefits, both physical and mental, yoga is widely adopted by those seeking relaxation and relief from daily stress. Through its postures, breathing techniques and meditative practices, yoga offers an effective method for strengthening the body, calming the mind and promoting a state of inner serenity. A multitude of yoga studios and classes are now accessible in the city, offering a diversity of approaches and levels adapted to everyone. This increased accessibility allows a wide range of people to benefit from the therapeutic benefits of this age-old discipline.

Here are the most popular places for yoga classes, but there are also other options to discover in the city.

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