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CBD Resin The Dutchman 27%

  • Made from 100% natural flower pollen, Indoor
  • Origin: Switzerland
  • Flavors: Spicy, Earthy, Creamy
  • CBD 27%
  • Malleable texture


CBD Resin The Dutchman 27%

This resin comes from CBD flowers harvested late, at full maturity. The pollen and trichomes are separated from the plant and then passed through a sieve to ensure the purity of the resin.

The pollen thus obtained is molded by hand then pressed by a machine to give its sticky, compact but malleable texture. For connoisseurs, we can compare the result to the best Moroccan resins.

In terms of aromas we find earthy and spicy flavors typical of resins with a creamy touch that brings a touch of sweetness to each puff.

Manufacturing method
Cultivation carried out in Switzerland indoors (Indoor). The pollen is extracted from the flowers, molded by hand and pressed by machine.


  • CBD : 27,6%
  • THC : 0,24%

Product grown in Switzerland, then certified in an independent and GMP approved laboratory. Find the certificate of analysis among the photos displayed on this page.

Product 100% legal throughout the European Union. The European catalog lists this variety of resin among the authorized varieties.

*Non-contractual photos, taken by us and from the harvests currently on sale*


CBD Resin The Dutchman 27%

  • Spicy
  • Earthy
  • Creamy


CBD Resin The Dutchman 27%

  • Relaxation
  • Appeasement
  • Tranquility


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CBD Resin The Dutchman 27%
1380 2000