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CBD and Pain: how cannabidiol could help with releif

Arthur Leclerc

CBD, or cannabidiol, is a natural compound found in the cannabis plant. It is increasingly used to relieve different types of pain, including chronic pain.

Reduction of inflammation

Several studies have indeed shown that CBD could reduce inflammation and modulate our body's responses to pain. It might also act as an analgesic, by stimulating pain receptors in the brain.

In addition to its anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects, CBD is also said to have anxiolytic properties. In other words, it can help reduce anxiety and worry. These effects may be particularly beneficial for people with chronic pain or mood disorders.

In what form can I take CBD?

There are different forms of CBD available, including capsules, oils, cream, or spray. The most common form used for pain relief is CBD oil, which can be taken orally, sublingually (a few drops under the tongue), or applied to the skin.

In summary, CBD works by reducing inflammation and modulating pain responses in the body.


But remember, however, that CBD is not currently recognized as a cure and has not been fully evaluated for its effectiveness and safety in the treatment of pain.

Our best advice is to talk to your doctor before you start using CBD products for pain relief.

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