J'ai remplacé le tabac par le CBD

I replaced tobacco with CBD

Romain Lyomat

I replaced tobacco with CBD

I recently quit smoking tobacco cigarettes and switched to CBD flowers. I am very happy about it and invite you to share my experience and the reasons that led me to this choice.

  1. Hemp is not addictive
The lack of nicotine in hemp cigarettes is one of the advantages, as there is no habituation feeling, so it is easy to master its consumption and smoking less.
  1. Product quality is better
Good cannabidiol products are tested by independent laboratories, whose analysis reports are public, which to my knowledge does not exist in the cannabis industry. tobacco.
Depending on the brands, tests are carried out for pesticides, heavy metals, microbes, mycotoxins and foreign matter.< /span>
This transparency should be put into perspective with the fact that tobacco growing occupies the sixth place in amount of pesticides applied per hectare in the United States.
Of course, smoking hemp cigarettes is not without risk, but there are notable differences in the amounts of harmful substances produced by hemp and e tobacco, as evidenced by this 2021 study
  1. Hemp contains beneficial cannabinoids and terpenes
Hemp is an amazing plant that contains over 100 cannabinoids and over 200 terpenes. Scientists are just beginning to uncover the enormous therapeutic potential of these plant compounds, which range from improving mood, mobility and sleep to significantly reducing seizures, pain and anxiety.
  1. I smoke less
I think I have divided my consumption by five, with an average of one to two cigarettes a day, with days when I do not smoke, and others (when I drink for example) where I smoke five.
  1. They helped me quit nicotine

I'm not going to lie, the first few weeks of quitting smoking were difficult, but mainly because I had chosen to quit nicotine from a one shot.
The goal is not to smoke CBD every time you crave tobacco, so as not to replace one habit after another.
I think it took me about six weeks to see my craving for nicotine almost disappear.

If you want to smoke, choose CBD

I wouldn't advise you to smoke, but if you feel like it, might as well be CBD.
As you might expect, burning any plant material, from wood to tobacco, creates tar and carbon monoxide, substances that cannot be safely inhaled.
However, cannabidiol cigarettes can be considered safer than tobacco cigarettes because they produce fewer chemicals.< br>Plus it's easy to find a good brand of CBD , which provides comprehensive lab reports where you can verify the purity of the product.

I hope I have convinced you; feel free to share your personal experience in the comments below ;)

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