CBD Gummies

CBD gummies (often called "Gummies" because they were invented in the United States) are undoubtedly one of the most fun and tasty formats for consuming CBD, anywhere and very easily. You can easily slip them into a desk drawer at work to have a more serene day or into your bag to have them with you anywhere.

Each candy contains a certain dose of CBD (10mg, 25mg, 50mg) clearly indicated on the packaging, making it particularly simple and practical to dose each intake. Gummies are available in several flavors such as apple, lemon, cherry, and orange.

We also offer a selection of vegan gummies (without animal gelatin) that can be consumed by vegans and other people who are not allowed to consume this type of food. None of our gummies contain gluten.

To get the most out of gummies, you must first choose your dosage. A 10mg gummy will be suitable for beginners or people who like low doses of CBD. Of course, two 10mg gummies can be taken with spaced-out intakes (or not) of about an hour to have a slightly more pronounced effect that lasts longer.

The 25mg CBD gummies are suitable for experienced enthusiasts who better know their Cannabidiol needs and are looking for a more pronounced relieving or calming effect. The 50mg gummies, the most concentrated we offer on our site, will be suitable for people who are used to taking higher doses of CBD due to slightly more pronounced problems, who have a more imposing physique, or who simply want to have a very relaxed time. When opting for gummies, it should not be forgotten that the effects are felt less quickly than with oil or flower, for example, because the molecule is absorbed via the digestive system.

To fully enjoy your gummies, we offer you 3 tips:

1/ Choose a flavor you like.
Gummies are also about enjoying the taste! Don't hesitate to vary several flavors throughout the day to stimulate your taste buds!

2/ Find the right dosage.
Since our gummies come in different concentrations, you can find the combination that suits you with the right dose, for example, 2 gummies of 10mg if you need 20mg per dose or one 10mg gummy and one 25mg gummy for a 35mg dose. You can keep your daily consumption in a small box and consume them at your leisure throughout the day.

3/ Chew your gummies well.
Our gummies taste delicious, so enjoy them and avoid eating them like candies that you chew and swallow quickly. The more you chew the gummies in your mouth, the more quickly the CBD will be absorbed by your body.

You must obviously keep these gummies out of reach of children and animals. As in all our aisles, we have selected here a list of natural products made in the EU from high-quality natural products, certified by approved independent laboratories located in the EU.