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Huile Super Relax CBD & CBG Sensavea 1300mg (10ml)

  • 1000mg (10%) of premium Broad Spectrum CBD
  • 300mg (3%) of CBG to better manage your emotions
  • Enriched with Verbena and Marjoram active ingredients
  • 100% French sector - Produced in a short circuit in Lorraine
  • Active from the first dose
  • Floral, sweet and slightly herbaceous taste
  • No flavors or additives. Without THC

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Huile Super Relax CBD & CBG Sensavea 1300mg

This oil is a natural solution to start taking CBD and deal with the little worries of everyday life.

Super relax CBD oil is a natural solution without side effects allowing everyone to start taking CBD with peace of mind.

Enriched with verbena and marjoram, the super relax oil also contains 10% CBD and 3% CBG, making it an effective and balanced oil. CBD combined with CBG which would promote the management of emotions and balance.

Great importance was attached to the taste of this gentle night CBD oil during its design. No flavorings or additives were used. Its floral, sweet and slightly herbaceous taste comes exclusively from the plant extracts contained in this CBD oil, namely marjoram and verbena.


Huile Super Relax CBD & CBG Sensavea 1300mg

  • Broad spectrum hemp extract including CBD 10%, CBG 3%
  • MCT oil
  • Marjoram extract
  • Verbena extract
  • 100% natural origins
  • No food allergens, gluten free

Product manufactured in France, then certified in a French, independent and COFRAC approved laboratory. Finally, find the certificate of analysis among the photos on this page.


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CBD & CBG Super Relax CBD Oil 13% / 1300mg, THC-free (10ml)
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