Meet Harmony EU
The Harmony brand offers a scientific approach to CBD and well-being in the manufacture of its products designed to offer you more serenity and well-being on a daily basis. The ranges designed and produced in Europe are made up of efficient, high-quality products offered at affordable prices.

In the vaping range, we were seduced by the “Tempo” vape, a modern, elegant and discreet e-cigarette. The device is equipped with a small cartridge (called a pod) containing e-liquid and refillable up to 4 times with Harmony e-liquid. The Pods are available in different flavors, you will find in particular: Moroccan Mint (Mint), Mango Kush (hemp / mango), OG Kush (hemp / spicy), Pineapple Express (hemp / sweet), Super Lemon Haze (hemp, citrus) , Pink Lemonade (lemonade, red fruits) and Wild Strawberry (strawberry).

CBD Harmony e-liquids for refilling cartridges are available in the same flavors as the original cartridges and come in two concentrations, 100mg or 300mg of CBD per 10ml of liquid.

The success of Harmony products also comes from the rigorous selection of quality ingredients that make up the products. The choice of naturally powerful ingredients in order to obtain the most effective finished products possible. For its oils, Harmony combines hemp with other plants to increase feelings of relaxation and serenity at any time of the day.

Among the CBD Harmony oils, we have selected the spray format for its ease of use, mint or lemon and available in two concentrations, 500mg and 1500mg. The oils are broad-spectrum (Broad Spectrum), so they contain all the cannabinoids naturally present in hemp, but without THC, in particular to meet the needs of athletes and other professions where THC is controlled and prohibited. The sprays naturally contain CBD, CBG, flavonoids, terpenes and other phytocannabinoids.

The spray is very easy to use and can accompany you at any time of the day to stay zen, fresh and concentrated thanks to its portable format. To use it, simply shake the bottle, remove the cap and spray the product under the tongue. Then it is advisable to keep the product in the mouth for 60 seconds for optimal absorption. We also offer a 30ml format with a concentration of 10% CBD, i.e. 3000mg. It is a classic bottle with a pipette, it is an economical and practical format to have at home to take a few drops in the evening or when you need a moment of calm and serenity during the day, after lunch for example.

Antonin Cohen, one of the founders of Harmony is a well-known figure in the French CBD landscape for having participated in the Kanavape adventure. He began to study the use of hemp in 2008 when he co-founded the first non-profit association dedicated to hemp science in France. Since then, he has had the opportunity to collaborate with world-renowned scientists, entrepreneurs and activists, developing a solid expertise in the design and quality control of cannabinoid products. Harmony wishes to accompany you in your quest for well-being, when you pay more attention to your balance, everything becomes possible.