The French manufacturer Hexa3 offers ranges of CBD oils, capsules, and gummies designed to effectively meet different specific needs. The products are available under the following ranges: HexaZEN facilitates relaxation and stress relief / HexaFLEX improves your muscle and joint comfort / HexACTIVE strengthens your energy / HexaSOM facilitates falling asleep and restful sleep / HexaPURE offers Broad Spectrum CBD oils made in France.

The HexaZEN range was designed to prevent or manage moments of stress or anxiety. You benefit from a complete formula based on CBD and other active molecules that help you regain serenity and peace.

The products in the HexaFLEX range are aimed at those who wish to regain greater mobility, and they can help your body to relieve pain. CBD is combined with other active molecules for a synergistic formula to help relieve inflammation, muscle or joint pain.

For people who need a boost without excessive nervousness, we recommend the HexActive range. It accompanies you to get out of moments of depression, fatigue, or lack of motivation thanks to CBD associated with a synergistic formula containing Ashwaganda, Green Tea, and Mate.

The HexaZEN range is aimed at people who want to facilitate falling asleep and have a calm night for more restful sleep. Its synergistic formula combines CBD and Melatonin to promote relaxation, falling asleep, and deep sleep.

We also offer the HexaPURE range, CBD oils made in France from Broad Spectrum CBD (without THC) diluted with Organic Hemp Oil from Brittany (French AB label).

All Hexa3 products are 100% plant-based and suitable for vegans.