Reakiro quality CBD manufacturer

The company was created in 2016 by enthusiasts convinced of the virtues of CBD. Reakiro is today a quality CBD manufacturer, known throughout Europe in particular for having won various awards. The company benefits from HACCP and GMP certifications. Reakiro designs different oils, capsules and gummies based on high quality Full Spectrum CBD. The company is responsible for the entire manufacturing chain itself. It is involved from the cultivation of organic hemp to the transformation of finished products using innovative processes.

A partir de 1999
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Reakiro products are renowned on the British market where the brand is distributed in international well-being brands. The brand offers a complete range of products which includes Oils, Supplements, Capsules, Cosmetics, Gummies and products for athletes - particularly golfers. The products are of high quality and the packaging is very designer.

The name of the Reakiro brand is originally a word in Esperanto which means "recovery", and here we find a desire to improve the daily lives of their customers by participating in their well-being. The brand's mission is to integrate hemp into the lives of these consumers through products that are easy to understand and consume.