Where can you find the best CBD Shop in Bilbao?

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The city

Bilbao , the emblematic city of the Basque Country in Spain, combines tradition and modernity. Famous for its avant-garde Guggenheim Museum, Bilbao offers a rich cultural scene, lively squares, and renowned Basque cuisine. Its maritime history blends with contemporary architecture, creating a unique atmosphere. Between the alleys of Old Bilbao and modern architectural structures, the city attracts lovers of art, gastronomy and history.

What can you visit in Bilbao?

      • Guggenheim Museum
      • Teatro Arriaga
      • Santiago Cathedral
      • Gardens of Albia
      • Fuente del Perro
      • Las Sietes Calles neighborhood
      • Zubizuri Bridge

What are the traditional events in Bilbao?

      • Festivities of San Anton (January)
      • Holy Week (March-April)
      • Aste Nagusia (August)
      • Santo Tomás Festival (December)
      • Aste Nagusia de Santo Tomás (December)
Bilbao Musée Guggenheim

Where are the best CBD Shops in Bilbao?

Thanks to the legalization of CBD in 2020 and increasingly strong consumer demand, we can now observe the emergence of numerous CBD shops in the European Union and as well as on the streets of Bilbao .

According to internet reviews, find the Eco-logic Growshop located Sabino Arana Etorbidea, 36 at the top of the ranking. With their 600 positive reviews left by their customers, this CBD Shop has managed to build a nice reputation and has become the city's reference in terms of the sale of CBD-related products. There you can buy flowers, resins, capsules and even candies as well as smoking accessories. But the particularity of this CBD Shop is that you can also find seeds of all kinds to grow, fertilizers and machines to help you grow your own CBD.

In second position, discover Osasun, located at Portal de Zamudio Kalea, 1. This CBD store offers a wide variety of CBD oils as well as anti-inflammatory creams. Their goal is to offer solutions to anxiety and sleep problems as well as muscle pain. You can also discover physiotherapy and have a massage with their products in their wellness area.

Although these two CBD Shops are the best reviewed in the city, other shops specializing in CBD and offering quality derivative products are also worth your attention. Explore María Díaz Haroko K. 11, just a few steps from Luckia Casino, or San Mames Zumarkalea, 32, near Bizkaia Plaza, as well as other city streets for other interesting options.

Bilbao Teatro Arriaga

Fast delivery of CBD in Bilbao

Explore the diversity of our selection of CBD products and benefit from delivery to your home or to a collection point in Bilbao in just 72 hours.

    What are the best wellness salons in Bilbao?

    In recent years, the broad field of healthcare has undergone remarkable expansion, recording significant growth globally. In search of total well-being, individuals explore various solutions to breathe peace and serenity into their daily lives to free themselves from all the accumulated stress. This expansion has led to the creation of thousands of wellness establishments across the world, offering a diverse range of services to meet the diverse needs of their clientele.

    Here is a small list of the best wellness salons based in Bilbao if you want to take a moment to relax:

        Where can you find the best Yoga classes in Bilbao?

        Practicing yoga has a positive impact on well-being by promoting mental as well as physical relaxation. Yoga's specific postures and breathing help reduce stress, improve flexibility and strengthen the body. By integrating meditation, yoga contributes to better emotional management, promoting a balanced state of mind.

        If you want to relax and reduce your stress level, here is a short selection of the most popular yoga classes in Bilbao :

        Where are the best CBD Shops in other major Spanish cities?

        Where to buy natural, effective CBD products at the right price?

        What are the places you should not miss under any circumstances? Where to find the best Wellness centers? Good deals for buying quality CBD? Is there a nice Yoga coach near you? Relax, we've done the investigation for you.

        Follow the guide and discover the best CBD Shops in the biggest cities in Spain

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      • *Our contributors regularly explore new cities, in order to find new addresses to share with us. Each month they enrich the list of cities presented in this guide.