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The city

Eindhoven is a dynamic city located in the south of the Netherlands, known for its technology industry and innovation. It houses the headquarters of Philips, a renowned multinational company. In addition to its industrial heritage, Eindhoven offers a vibrant cultural life with contemporary art and design museums, as well as festivals throughout the year. The city is also known for its emerging art scene and modern architecture, including Strijp-S, a former industrial site transformed into an arts and cultural district. With its green parks, trendy boutiques and cosmopolitan atmosphere, Eindhoven attracts visitors looking for innovation, culture and entertainment.

What sites are worth visiting in Eindhoven ?

      • Philips Museum
      • Strijp-S
      • Van Abbe Museum
      • Saint Catherine's Cathedral
      • Parc Genneper Parks
      • Development
      • DAF museum
      • City walking park

What special events are planned in Eindhoven ?

      • Eindhoven Carnival (February)
      • Music Festival (March)
      • Film Festival (Avril)
      • Technology Festival (May)
      • Eindhoven Design Week (October)
      • Eindhoven Glow (November)
      • Christmas market (December)
Eindhoven Genneper Parken

Where can you find the best CBD Shop in Eindhoven ?

The growing popularity of CBD following its legalization and rapid market expansion demonstrates sustained demand for this natural product. Appreciated for its various therapeutic virtues, CBD is attracting more and more consumers. This trend has given rise to the emergence of numerous CBD shops and specialized boutiques, offering a wide range of CBD products to meet everyone's varied needs.

Although there are few CBD shops in the city of Eindhoven , one address is definitely worth a visit. The Smartshop Planet, located at Bergstraat 31, 5611 JX Eindhoven . This store sells psychotropic products and offers a wide range of CBD products. This range includes oils, balms, edibles, and much more. With different concentrations available to meet different needs, this store's products are praised for their good quality, according to customer reviews.

By exploring the Centrum, Strijp-S, Stratumseind, Gestel and Woensel districts in Eindhoven , you will also have the opportunity to discover other CBD shops that are worth visiting.

Eindhoven Musée Philips

Fast delivery of CBD in Eindhoven

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What are the top spas in Eindhoven ?

Over the years, well-being has become a growing concern for many Eindhoven residents. The city is full of thousands of establishments offering a wide range of services focused on health and well-being. These therefore offer a multitude of options to meet the varied needs of its population. From spas and fitness centers to organic restaurants and fresh produce markets, Eindhoven is full of initiatives to promote a healthier lifestyle. This trend reflects a population increasingly aware of the importance of taking care of their body and mind, thus adopting lifestyle habits focused on well-being and sustainability.

If you live in Eindhoven or are just passing through, here are three notable places where you can relax. However, the city also offers a multitude of spas and wellness institutes to explore.

Where are the most famous yoga classes available in Eindhoven ?

Yoga, an ancient practice originating in India, has firmly established itself as a crucial part of modern wellness. It is renowned for its many benefits, both physical and mental, and has been widely adopted by those seeking relaxation and relief from daily stress. Through its asanas, breathing techniques and meditative practices, yoga offers an effective approach to strengthening the body, calming the mind and cultivating a state of inner peace. These days, a variety of yoga studios and classes are available in town, offering a diverse range of approaches and levels to suit everyone. This increased accessibility allows a wide range of people to benefit from the therapeutic benefits of this ancestral practice.

Below you will find the most popular places to take yoga classes, however, there are also other options to explore in the city.

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