Where to find the best CBD Shop in Funchal ?

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The city

Funchal , jewel of the island of Madeira, harmoniously combines history and modernity. Its picturesque old town is home to architectural treasures such as the majestic Sé do Funchal Cathedral, dating from the 15th century, and the São Lourenço Palace, a 16th-century fortress testifying to the city's tumultuous past. The colorful Mercado dos Lavradores market is another must-see, where local flavors and scents captivate visitors. In the heart of the city, the Botanical Garden delights the senses with its exotic flora and panoramic views of Funchal Bay. But Funchal does not only live in the past; it also vibrates to the rhythm of modernity with its refined restaurants, elegant boutiques and lively festivals, including the famous Madeira Carnival. Between tradition and contemporaneity, Funchal seduces travelers from all over the world with its timeless charm as well as its range of unforgettable experiences.

What places should you absolutely discover during a visit to Funchal ?

      • Sé do Funchal Cathedral
      • Funchal Botanical Garden
      • Mercado dos Lavradores
      • Monte Palace Tropical Garden
      • Teleférico do Funchal
      • Fortaleza de Sao Tiago
      • Lido promenade

What kinds of events take place in Funchal ?

      • Madeira Carnival (February)
      • Flower Festival (April)
      • Atlantic Festival (June)
      • Madeira Wine Festival (September)
      • Madeira Food and Wine Festival (September)
      • Funchal Christmas Market (December)
Funchal Cathédrale

Where can you find the best CBD Shop in Funchal ?

The legalization of CBD has created a booming market, dotted with thousands of CBD Shops across the European Union, offering a wide range of products to satisfy ever-growing demand.

BudTemple, located at 140 Rua da Carreira, is a brand that has several other stores across the country. What sets it apart is its choice of premium locations in major urban areas. These boutiques offer carefully designed spaces, offering a careful selection of accessories and lifestyle products, accompanied by an exclusive range of well-being products, perfumes and aromatherapy. Their multi-purpose space also includes a range of treats such as chocolates and biscuits to satisfy those with a sweet tooth, as well as a few tables where customers can enjoy soothing coffees, cocktails and teas.

CBWeed is a renowned brand with several boutiques under its belt. Located at 2 Rampa do Cidrão, this store is a reference in terms of CBD. It offers a wide selection of CBD products, including flowers, resins, edibles, cosmetics and wellness products, as well as products specially designed for animals. Recognized for its exceptional quality, CBWeed offers several purchasing options: in-store, with the possibility of collecting your purchases on site, or even benefiting from convenient delivery for your CBD purchases.

While exploring the streets of the city and its different neighborhoods such as Zona Velha, Lido, São Martinho or Santa Maria Maior, you will probably come across a few CBD shops or boutiques offering CBD products.

Funchal Monte Palace Tropical Garden

Fast delivery of the best CBD Shop in Funchal

Explore our wide range of CBD products and benefit from fast delivery in Funchal , whether to your home but also to a collection point, in just 72 hours.

What are the best wellness institutes to go to in Funchal ?

The rapid expansion of wellness across the world reflects the growing importance placed on mental and physical health. People are therefore actively seeking holistic solutions to improve their well-being, ranging from meditation and yoga practices to alternative therapies such as acupuncture and aromatherapy. Salons and wellness centers thus offer a diversity of options to meet the varied needs of individuals, offering services ranging from relaxing massages to nutrition and fitness consultations.

Here are the two best wellness institutes in Funchal if you too want to relax and take care of yourself:

      • TIL Spa (R. do Castanheiro 31, 9000-081 Funchal )
      • AlgoAzul Spa (Enotel Magnólia (Quinta do Sol, Rua Dr. Pita n° 6, 9000-086 Funchal )

What are the recommended places to take the best yoga classes in Funchal ?

Yoga, an ancient practice, offers a multitude of benefits for the body but also for the mind. By promoting physical and mental relaxation, it helps reduce stress and anxiety. By developing inner tranquility and improving the flexibility of the body, yoga plays an indispensable role in our overall well-being.

Also take the time to relax and enjoy the benefits of yoga. Join the most popular courses in Funchal :

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